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Community want accountability. But I think just as important or more important, they want the problems fixed going forward, Scott Israel. Neither the governor nor any member of his staff has ever spoken to me about this tragedy. Israel says it's easier to suspend him, then fixed the gun violence. Problem governors appointed a new sheriff Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news. Share of Israel says he will fight to get his job back, and he will run for re election in twenty twenty and governor Santa's issuing posthumous pardons to four black men used raping a white woman back in nineteen forty-nine. Can I right? The wrongs done to them. Many years ago. I hope that that it will bring peace to their families and their communities. I am confident that the people of Florida would not want this injustice to happen. Again, case of the grove land four has become a symbol of racism, the deciding factor in handing down the pardons. Forge Santos was whether the men got a fair trial and to Santa they did not. And at the appropriate thing to do was to grant the pardons by Mitch county woman under arrest for threatening the PBS oh on Facebook sixty six year old. Jill Hoffman is behind bars accused of making threats the Palm Beach county sheriff's office on their Facebook page, according to the arrest report, the comments were aggressive in nature and blame the death of canine -sego on members of the sheriff's office. The post stated that the memorial service was a great venue for a mass shooting. Deputies charge Hoffman with written threat to kill or conduct a mass shooting. She's currently held without bond is Ricky bowl news talk. Eight fifty WFAN Trump downplaying a New York Times report. The claims the FBI opened up an investigation into him. After he fired former FBI director James Comey. Trump told Fox News the whole thing is a witch hunt and he never colluded with Russia. I'm going through all of this nonsense. It's all not sense. But I have to be careful because he's a dirty players. They're no good. He stressed that. No, president should have to go through what he's going through aquaman as what was washed away at the box office by the upside starring Kevin Hart, don't work. They don't it's a surprise first place debut for the upside the Kevin Hart, Bryan, Cranston comedy or nineteen point five nine million dollars twice the expected, opening gross. Denies man fourth weekend at number one, but don't feel bad the superhero flakes now the first and the DC extended universe to top a billion dollars worldwide little signs of life for replicas the Keanu Reeves sci-fi thriller bombed two point five million dollars for twelfth place. Christopher Watson ABC news. So we don't know who will be in the Super Bowl yet. But maroon five will perform at the halftime of Super Bowl. Fifty three NFL announcing yesterday the three time Grammy award winning rock group will perform the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta other artists joining maroon five Glennon native big boy and Grammy nominated rapper Travis Scott, a fifty wwl news time is.

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