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This is what it actually says on the Los Angeles Police Department website. The site states that the adult missing Persons unit investigates 3200 cases a month. And 70% of those missing people are found or returned voluntarily. Within two or three days. It goes on to explain, and I quote here since being a missing person is not a crime. Police are given a very limited role while conducting these types of investigations at the bottom of the Web page gets more disturbing is a section titled What if they never returned? And here's the official police advice in such situations? You may want to enlist the services of a private investigator to assist in your search. If you can't afford a P I. The police elaborate quote. Another option would be to contact the Salvation Army. Has a missing persons Locator program. There is not a single sentence on the LAPD website that would lead a loved one of a missing person to have any faith that the police would properly investigated. But the LAPD is basically saying is If someone you love goes missing, don't overreact. They'll probably turn up unless they don't in which case you should get someone besides the police to look into it. All this is my way of saying if the police took missing persons cases as seriously as they do, say, bank robberies, I wouldn't have had to do this podcast and Open the town that is famous as a place of movie. See? Mm noises always love there was. I'm talking to Seth Baron about his new book, the last days of New York, and we're talking about what he calls the worst mayor. In New.

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