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They could. I've been lying. It wasn't that good legally can. But make a isn't gonna make small Homebrew size batches, it's just not worth their time and money. Now, maybe if there's a big enough, like push for it, and what our plan is so missing link day, June first, which is tomorrow, June, first, we're having a big abrasion in party, and beer, release, and we want to do this every single year and this first year is is just us. It's us at Arben artifact. We've heard this beer we're doing a big can release really want to turn this into a celebration of Cincinnati's brewers past present and future. So what we really want to do is get everyone on board in the city as much as we can at least to by this east brew commercial batch wool, by some kids cans, whatever will have it at the festival will celebrate all this wonderfulness, and we also want to get the Homebrew involve. So if there's enough critical mass, we can actually reach out to mega and get Homebrew batch size orders, but currently you they're not going to do it. The only do like six fifty strains for, for Homebrew. So those a long way to say. You can't right now. If you're Humber, but hopefully it's part of the plan. And if you hit us up, we can we'll pull the pitch for you wanna buy shift on east as a home brewer. Yes, you. Yeah. I guess you could spend you could buy a two barrel. Pitch for one hundred twenty bucks. If you really want to do well, and I mean blow Blow tears tears. or something could do. That's great idea. Yeah. Club. Could definitely go in a club out there, a Homebrew rather that wants to just reach out to us and wolf Acilitator that, that for you, because you get enough people together, one hundred twenty bucks for east is really not that no. It's not. And that would be enough for in dire club. So the idea going forward as that on this day, every year, there can be some kind of event where you get a bunch of beers that are all made with this historic east different interpretations of it. And just celebrate this bigger thing that we have in Cincinnati, which I like it's the community side, the history side that I feel like is something that is special Cincinnati. I'm not that other cities don't have brewing history. But I don't know that cities are as tied into it as we are, and celebrated as much as we do in Cincinnati. I like it a lot of it's fun. Oh, it's going to be great Bach vest is to the style of Bock beer that we want this festival to be for the brewers in the people who couldn't soom their products. So Bock fest is very narrow its focus, and we want to open that up and celebrate the brewers and the drinkers in our city. Fits in bishop's, but I don't know. It seems fun. And I think we can achieve it. It's and I think I mean I. I haven't even said a lot of the weird shit that I wanna do this out to these guys, we talked about kind of fest and how that happened. How you went with that. And you've had a long time since then for your mind to wander into. And I, I mean it's been it's been it's been six years now that I haven't done. I haven't like spent a lot of my time and energy thinking you know what? Crazy shit can I do coming up festival. So. Yeah. This thing I mean, when I started running box fast I had five hundred dollars, and it took place over three hours of one night. So, you know in ten years, I grew that to one hundred and fifty thousand dollar budget. Three days a month. The crazy shit advance and plan to do the same thing with this link fest box one hundred and fifty thousand dollar sane. Yeah. Actually. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of shit going on now. It's fun. If the city can find more things like this, too. Inject beer, ovens that do. Kind of take part with the whole city instead of just being, you know, at this barrier at this barrier. This we're gonna Bach. That's what makes it so fun. Is that it is spread out with makes October fest funds that, that week, you do have lots of vans happening in other places. It's the, the, the failure of Cincinnati beer week. Is it kind of collapse on himself because people weren't celebrating? This is. Oh, yes. Any beer we died real hard, hard and very ugly. But this is that opportunity to create things that. Not that Cincinnati Rico's ever like a generic kind of thing, but it kinda was felt. This is something, this is something that's being born. Of something, that's real and something it's exciting and something that's different than what anybody else has. I think that's cool. I think it's going to be great for the city and I think it can be really great for north side as well. Mean. Bach vest keep going back to that. But Bach has been good over the years for a whole lot of people. I mean, there's a lot of bars and businesses that make a lot of money as a result there. There were years where people told me without that weekend, we would have gone under. So not had to do with hard times down there in the hood. But the point is, is that it's done. Good things for people. And I think that this, this festival can do great things for urban artifacts that can do great things for a lot of breweries in this city and great things for the neighborhood, and we can all get drunk on beer, and for just the, the brewery district to like it, too. They're still so many people that I talk to what do you mean? There's tunnels and you have to explain to them. What's going on down there in the things that exist and somebody tastes this beer? And then you start to tell them the story. I want to see it now. That's the thing that ties it all together. When I I wanna go see what's going on that side of it. And. It's awesome. It's fun. We're actually doing next week next Saturday. We're going to do. Urban artifact release doing a fundraiser for the district and. This bureau be available next Saturday, down in over the Rhine beside this tunnel, and we'll take people through the actual tunnel so. Yeah, meet weather beer with the tunnel. Going to that. Please remember to save some of that I have on my calendar that I'm going to be there. Just gotta make sure we save cases. If you're there, and you don't bring the beer. That's. It'll be another riot in the streets where someone brewer we'll get sad. I still cannot get this image out of my head of this big streetfight happening at those this picture, you know, damn Listerman here. I don't think Dan Lewis two men could die. I think he steps times he would just look like death for fear, then somehow recovered, put any kind of streetfight has do beer him in there, like, in the middle of screaming, my German words or half, correct. Stabbing people with chalet lease and stuff, which aren't even German, but he was. He used to when they when they used to come to the boxers parade. I was thinking of this today at random owes walking back from the bar where launch because I was hung over, and I just started ran and thinking about the fact that Dan used to come to that parade. And he would bring like a flatbed cart, and he would he would brew on it. I mean had like fruit name and fire rolling down the street just drunk, Faulk throwing hops off. I mean, the fact that there was nobody the wound up with third degree burn. It's just a miracle that in of itself as a miracle. Oh, how the world changes your doesn't change that months. So is there other plans for you guys? In the meantime, or already for for next year of, of other things you can do with this east and other ways that you can implement it or is this just kind of a once a year thing that you guys are gonna play with? I don't know. I don't know. Andrew, do you wanna see us do anything with this east to 'cause I don't have any plans? I don't know. I mean, it's, it's really intriguing when you think about, like what this beer and like things like fests like, what that does for the community. Right. Because it opens people up to just type in style beer. That's really unique hasn't been done before. And whereas they might not be they might not be like open to that. No experiencing that so, yeah, I definitely want to see you guys do some more stuff with that beer. I don't know what that means, but be interesting to see, like I love the idea of bringing other breweries things like that. You have them do their take on it. And then kind of come together to make this this festival every year. Homebrew competition be fun. It'd be really sweet and get people also. What's also. I feel like this is one of those beers that if it was on frequently would do really well in the taproom. Yeah, I think one of the only complaints I ever hear from people. Is that there isn't that normal kind of beer in the this fits, so I'm so tired of you say that? See you don't say. I don't say that every time we got crosser, but this is stone. I. You guys just run into each other in the street. They he's just he says, Josh you should have a more normal. Landry was the for the sour podcast and it came out, then and then just feel like it always comes up, but it's just give you shit. That reminds me we should start a podcast. It's only just annoying sounds like someone grinding their teeth. They for like five minutes, sound thing that they did was, what's the a r. AM Naess Amar. Yes. Like it's annoying. It's like sounds can you offer annoying? Sounds some suck in there knowing the creek thing. Reading into the Mike hard. To workshops scratching yourself. Just just real shit. Anyway..

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