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I until i really learned how to use it i was getting maybe seventy to seventy five percent drinkable beer i mean still yeah yeah i mean i drink all my beer i've only thrown one one batch out tonight nine years and all because it too fitches bottles were exploding in the middle of the night sally someone through tv through my front window big growl exploded beer got infected i don't know was horrible horrible and there's a few different programs you can go to like this is just example not to endorse one over the this is beer smith okay now you put on i don't know events us beer smith with us easy recipe easy favors friends so we all you all get the same but you may find a recipe on on one that doesn't show up on the other so you do that or once you know the process and once you know the grains you wanna use the mulch you want to use the flavor you want you can play around and tweak whatever recipes you see doing it you know like tweak to make it too early you know like bob dylan neil young say it's all the same song so this is just a variation on that but again we have a lot of very inventive breweries in new jersey will come up with different wrinkles on a particular almost two it's like creator the eaton said there are some logistical issues though when it comes from meena mostly you're saying most people are doing at home five ten maybe fifteen gallon it's going to three seven ten barrel just the logistics of moving that much liquid working with that much grain and there are different things like not to get too scientific but like hoppy to the bigger your batch the more you kind of get our interest into the.

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