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Political column no no Ben did not get canceled not at all although that they're really going after him I mean he was trending yesterday on Twitter for some completely innocuous statement this is what they do now they go after you if you if you're a political commentator they go after you for giving political commentary if you're a conservative they try to cancel you for saying conservative things and they've taken this to the logical conclusion now if you are a comedian the left cancels you for doing comedy you get cancel you can't there's no comedy left in comedy you're not allowed to tell any jokes it's like fighting in the war room there's no fighting here this is the war room it's a scene out of Dr Strangelove it's come to Saturday Night Live Shane Gillis he's a comedian that you've never heard of now you might never hear of them again he was a comedian who got hired by Saturday Night Live now he has been fired because a year or two ago he told some jokes and you're not allowed to tell jokes anymore so he lost his job we knew this was going to happen we knew two days ago three days ago when he first came up in the swarm of the cancel culture we knew he was gonna lose his job now it's happened he tweeted out in response to this in response to losing the giga Saturday Night Live quote. I'm a comedian who was funny enough to get SNL that can't be taken away of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself and SNL but I understand it would be too much of a distraction I respect the decision they made I'm honestly grateful for the opportunity I was always a mad TV guy anyway which is pretty funny does a little joke at the end but how we always like the rival show instead of SNL this was gracious in this was also the only decent choice he had he could be the thrown a temper tantrum gotten bitter started pointing out the rank hypocrisy of this whole fiasco or he could be gracious and that's what he did but what happened is outrageous and it's so wrong I mean it is so wrong. show business is really hard. acting writing directing it's so hard to make it virtually nobody makes it virtually no one ever gets any employment comedy is probably the most difficult aspect of show business to make it in here yet I mean there are virtually no jobs pretty much every comedian dies in obscurity is it would be a job to get even if you could get one except for a handful of gigs a few late night shows and Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live is the pinnacle of it this guy Shane Gillis get said he gets the job he makes it finally and then the swarm comes in and takes everything from him proving that Dave Chapelle the comedian really is the profit of our time because just a few weeks ago Dave Chapelle on his Netflix special. perfectly described what this cancel culture is and the more important question which is who is responsible for it. it is a little harder. I would see if you can guess who it is I'm doing an impression all right again the character yeah I guess who it is though. okay here goes. hello. if you do anything wrong in your life dole and I find out about it I'm going to try to take everything away from me and I don't care what I find out could be today tomorrow fifteen twenty years from now if I find out you're looking to finish..

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