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I'm John Baxter. This is John Baxter Show Michael Lejos. Johns Hopkins is here and we are entertaining. Are we now in a civil war? We do not know. We are certainly divided nation before another presidential vote. The outcome of Tuesday will not be determinative. Michael and I have settled on the idea that the strife will continue if Joe Biden winds and the polls say he's going to win. That's all we know. We don't have a crystal ball. He is I Tiberius like figure quite distant. He had retired. He's been pulled out of retirement by the Democratic Party. But because of his age, and because of some of his limitations he resembles Tiberius. The second Roman emperor who withdrew from the Senate, withdrew from Rome and parked himself in Capri. But following that, for several 100 years was the break up of the Roman Empire. Fragmented first into two big pieces. And then Teo. It just disintegrated. The Western part disintegrated after the starting in the fifth late fourth century early fifth century A D. The eastern part held together you could probably make a case all the way to the Crusades. Michael is that a recognizable and acceptable outcome of the United States of America that we fragment into East West North South North America, South America. And that with the remembrance of America is the way we remember Rome. Well, here's the kind of schizophrenic problem for America as you say. Art. Tiberius wants to maintain his recognition authority over the whole world, and we have a giant foreign policy establishment. The deep state as some would have it who want to continue to rule the world. But this is not possible, given the tremendous divide in American society. And the incapacity of any single person or any vision that's out there to bridge the divide that's so existential and a super divided Empire. Is going to be faced with a merciless, opportunistic photos abroad. And if you want another Roman analogy, this is exactly what happened to the Roman Empire in the third century. When resurgent Sustain me in Persia attacked Rome and and a bunch of Of Germanic Peoples also invaded Rome at four or five points, and the entire Roman Empire actually came apart in the third century. This was the great crisis. Of the third century, and the fact is that the United States is not in a position with a titular but fatally weak emperor. To continue to be the world's leader in a situation where the entire society is is at each other's throats, and so This is a problem. Nobody can face because what I see and I think a lot of us see this is that the ruling establishment is in such a state of denial. That it can't come to terms with the fact that this is actually happening, and they refuse to devote even an ounce of their energy to trying to Understand or figure out how we can deal with this internal strife. Because it runs the risk of of destroying our centuries long dominance of the world, which, of course, goes back to Woodrow Wilson. And so the American century, I think right now is on a razor's edge on a precipice, Michael the victory of the senatorial class, right? That describes the beginning of the turmoil or the resolution of the turmoil. You know, Rome gives us two examples. We just have a minute here. Let's guess tonight, Michael. We don't like to guess about the future. But We could go in. Either way, Tiberias Biden could settle this down and the optimum Ottis could make deals for a number of years. You no more programs. Or senatorial class could disturb us with mandates that are unacceptable and we start all over again. Can you Can you suppose with a minute left? Well, we know what happened in Rome in Rome. The um the big man, the dominant figures like Caesar and then later, Augustus. They bought off and Co opt it right the popularity and then They were in control. The op Tomatis Senatorial class remaining control the next 500 years. I don't see those people today in America, and they're hugely powerful. All the great corporations, Universities, Media Center center. I don't see them being that smart. What I see them doing Is arbitrarily lowering the boom on regular people, especially read people and thus exacerbating the conflict. In other words, the dynamics of conflict. Have yet to be played out and in Rome. At the end of the first century, when Caesar appeared in Augustus Romans were sick of a century of actual physical conflict. But Americans, especially red Americans, have a lot of fight left in them. And so I don't think that we're at the All right. We'll leave it there. Michael blows before the election. We will speak after the election. Michael playoffs of Johns Hopkins, I'm John Bachelor. Are you looking to hire someone with proven world class job.

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