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Says the club will not let twenty year old star Jadon Sancho leave for anything less than a hundred thirty million euros as Manchester United has emerged as a favorite to land the England international this summer Liverpool and Chelsea are also expected to get involved in this sweepstakes for the winger who grew up a blues fan in London Wednesday will be a big days all fifty five nation members of the wave of the hold a video conference to discuss the fate of the champions league after president Alexander Ceferin said this season could be lost if football doesn't resume by the end of June right now the champions league is suspended halfway through the round the sixteenth with a final any stumble postponed till further notice on the heels of Juventus announcing a salary cut for its players that will save the club ninety million euros this year agreement has been reached between Barcelona's players for a seventy percent temporary weight reduction as the club looks to shore up its finances through the coronavirus work stoppage meanwhile Matias United says as of now they will not need to cut player wages for twenty five global sponsors Pagel traffic more than two hundred million pounds per year manual like other clubs only relies on broadcast rights to match day revenue for half their income the Tokyo Olympics originally slated to begin on July twenty fourth will now start July twenty third two thousand twenty one while the spring Olympics was considered there would have been a significant scheduling conflict with American sports in European football on the network's been that your Bloomberg NBC world sports update market headline breaking news twenty four hours a day at the Bloomberg dot com business the Bloomberg business slash okay we're at forty seven past the hour now.

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