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At Union station. So let's let's talk about Some quick hitters here with the Saint Louis Cardinals and The the market for Marcello Zuma's seems to dwindling. Yeah Nicholas Castanos is still there reds. Go out they sign a center fielder For a three year deal to come from overseas and play for them that would have been a landing spot still still might be a landing SNUKA Osuna But they have a would then have an influx of outfielders and they have to make some moves so we'll get into that here though like well sure they do. I mean I don't think they like Aquino since L.. The new outfield. They just signed winker. winker they've got. I mean they've got some guy. Now you can get rid of guys in make space somewhere else. Let's talk though about ozone it. Okay all right so the Saint Louis. Is it still an option and do you think it happens so the cardinals have have adopted posture. Here of that. They're going to stay in the conversation until he signed somewhere else or until until he closes the door on them. They don't want to be the one that closes the door They want assume do that. Zuma has not done that Zuma has made it clear that his preferences to return return all things being equal but as at this point all the offers are not equal. You know the cardinals. Don't WanNa go the length of years that he wants to go. Oh so what's IT GONNA do. What do what does he want to go and five year? I mean. There's no reason why he shouldn't aim for the least link that say like a Fowler got just a few years ago uh-huh what slightly more money You could you know it. Does he want his deal to start with a one while of course because he's seen other guys do that You know the Castellanos Solano's Uzun A- duo is definitely am in. What would in computer terms we call a deadly embrace right okay so like Castellanos us who signs I is going to set the market for the other guy? Zuma comes with a draft pick attached to them. That's not as appealing Castellanos. WHO DOESN'T BECAUSE LAS my command more money which is why Uzun would wait because then he could try to command that same money And also know that the teams that don't Sign Castle Onnell's those are then more urgent to get someone like him. So it's it's an interesting Khanna like staring contest going on not just between the teams but between the players and not everybody is Neil. So it's a little bit like Poker because you don't have all the information on the table. Do you believe he wants to come back here. I do. Yeah I've I've I've not heard any differently and I that's something that I have asked I I I think if I were to put it on a seesaw and tilt it I would say that it would tilt more towards him wanting to return than the cardinals wanting him back. When you have dealing Carlson Lane Thomas got arose arose arena Certainly Baiter you've got Jose Martinez which no one talks about in the mix you've got Follow coming back and there's somebody else I'm missing but it gives you an idea of all the different players that they have potentially to play in the outfield would that If you're John Mosaic and Michael Gersh do you think that then then they say well look. We've got these guys we gotta develop them It was Tyler O'Neill who I forgot and we know that there's potential there so why go Out and spend whatever they have to spend or dedicate themselves to the amount of years of ozone just because we have these guys coming right and they also look at it not just as You know what's the opportunity early in the season to determine what you need in the middle of the season if that's also a way that they look at it they they do not This is something and that can be tricky for fans right because they want moves made in December before Christmas There there seems to be this this this deadline in the public. That doesn't exist in baseball in front offices. More and more look at it as kind of this rolling evolving thing where they don't really need to have their roster done until you know the opening of the season they can add anybody between now and then and not have had that cost awesome. Any Games The other part of it is they don't really see this as the finish roster they think of what you WanNa be at your best when you're going into September October. Right Right That's something that the Los Angeles dodgers have talked about. You know they've always says it. I mean the trade deadline. That's when we're that's the roster set for the rest of the year and that's we wanna be best asked absolutely and you know. The dodgers are taking some heat. Because why don't they spend some of their money wiry so Wary of the of the luxury tax. And all this stuff and their point is is look. It's not about who we sign in the winter. It's about who we have in October. And they're still chances to add. Some really great players are still chances to add all stars. The dodgers have such a tremendous Farm system and I get it. There's like pressure on them to like. Let's go trade for Linda or now will maybe the asking price right now is like absurd. But maybe that's something they're willing to pay in in July. Sure I think the Dylan. Carlson situation is fascinating. And I did a podcast with Mo at the end of spring training last year and Talker and yeah big time name dropper And he said you know we flirted with the idea of even bringing them north. Yeah even back then so I if I'm a throw hypothetical let's say he has a great spring training and separates himself from some of the others. Now you do start his clock early so yeah And that's my question. I mean I. I wonder if they're going to just say look. We're taking the best north with us and Dylan. Carlson is one of our best. And that's just the way it's going to be I I also I think with him having the ability to play three positions. This is a tryout if you WANNA call it that for everyone young guys that we talked about outside of Dexter following and that includes Baiter. Yeah you know I mean spring for Baiter it. It is That's why I think this is a fascinating camp for the young guys in particular the outfielders baiter later more than anybody. Maybe baiter in Tyler. O.`Neil DADS the other one had the biggest bandwidth for assurance absolutely they could be the starter in the cardinals for the cardinals in the majors. They could be in Memphis or they could be traded. Yeah what do you think Carlson so I think Carlson is. He has to not only have a great spring he has to leapfrog over somebody who has a disappointing spring If if Carlson has the same spring as somebody else who's on the forty man roster that somebody else is going to get the first chance and then you'll see Carlson Whenever the situation demands it Don't the cardinals have historically not doc made decisions based on the service time and obviously Kris Bryant is the example right. Do you massage it McConnell's have not made decisions that way Paul the young as an example of that Jack Flaherty Jordan Hicks. Alex Rodriguez on these are all guys. Michael Walker is a free agent biggest helping him out. Yeah Paul Young would have cost the cardinals quite a bit more. Had they not done an extension for him because of when they brought him up he qualified as a super two did not massage his. Could've they could've sent him down for a week. Two weeks and really tried to manipulate that to avoid the super two they didn't He helped by signing an extension and be honest Oscar Taveras came up and stayed and likely would have been a super to yes. He would So you you know you had that decision That they they made based on what they needed You know into various was in that same spot to almost brought him up for October. You'll recall when Carlos Beltran was a question. Mark Yeah I'm going to finish it up with a couple more questions Carlos Martinez. What do you think do you does he in? And everybody knows you're going to get married opportunity to be yeah They go out and sign. Kim McKay Yup Kqei Kim but Martinez do when Spring Training Training. In what do you think in the rotation or in your bullpen. I don't think we have enough in from emily. Just don't know yeah you know. There's so much UN- known I'm known And by all accounts he's healthy and ready to go you know he's got So he's Either in Jupiter on his way to Jupiter right now These spend most of this month in Jupiter. He's got a battery of exams and workouts and things that he's going to do here in Saint Saint Louis around the time the warm up Which is pretty standard And they will know more about it but They they thought that they would have a better confidence at this point in the off season and it has come around to the fact that it's they're not they're not until he goes in pitches. They just aren't aren't going to know until he has a five day schedule until he's into March and they make the call on. It makes the competition a little bit. Interesting are not a little little bit but a little a very very interesting and a little bit complicated because you're going to throw open the closer job knowing that that he might fall into that the final week You know and there's no harm in that I mean if you know. How's he goes out and has a great spring Seizes the closer job Bob or somebody else does and then gets opening day and they're like hey look Carlos is not in the rotation. He's are closer then. You're really good. Setup guy hair saloon for men. You'll receive receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo. Hot Towel and amend complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars hair saloon for men. I'll wrap it up with for this Something very near and dear to your heart is the writers dinner and Yeah Saint Louis one of the final cities to have a baseball writers dinner. And that's coming up. You mentioned the winter warmup. So we're just got a couple of weeks away. Yeah The Sunday of the winter warmup Sunday right before Martin Luther King Day is the annual baseball writers dinner tremendous showing this year We're GONNA have the gold glove. Love there to give to Colton long can have the manager of the year or to give the Mike shelter will be the first time both of those guys really had a chance to see those awards The Saint Louis Baseball baseball person of the year goes to Jack Flaherty. He had a rather good you. You might have called a few times. Pretty pretty remarkable year overall. It was amazing. Yeah within the CY young vote second half for the ages Yom since nineteen hundred the only guy to pitch more than sixty innings and having the IRA that low and then the other guy lose Gibson esque was Jake Arrieta who Masai young so Yeah flaherty remarkable Paul Goldschmidt is going to get the Darryl kile award Bill L. James were presenting the branch Rickey Award for innovation in baseball. That's an award. That were you know several of sudden very proud of Most of all what makes this important. Horton is.

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