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You can talk about anything you want for literally an exactly one minute. And I spoke about Jamie, do pre I think it was really clear how much Jamie means to Capitol Hill Washington for doozer Dory. Shammar news that he lost his voice. Kind of got out win congresswoman Ileana rough Lehman went to the house floor and talked about Jamie. Not sparked a Washington Post piece and politico piece, and it really drew attention to what Jamie was going through a lot of people even on Capitol Hill who saw him all the time so day today didn't know that he was dealing with. Meanwhile, Jamie Cox media group desperately sought a way to get him back on the air. I was thinking about Jamie. This is rob Yaron CMG's vice president of content strategy and research, and I was thinking about how there must be a way to create a customized voice. And that was the key. That would take a human's voice into account Countess Presley's WSB's, director of community affairs. We knew with technology. Artificial intelligence that there were companies out there that were working on synthesizing, the human voice. So that people who could not speak would get their voices back adobe was working on a program. And we got all the way to the CMO the chief marketing officer at adobe because we thought what an amazing story. This would be. For us to tell for adobe to tell about how they were able to help a radio reporter. Reclaim his voice thing is once we got at that point adobe scratched the project because they were concerned that the technology would be used for untwisted means. And so we were like because we thought we add something, and then we didn't. So then Marian Pittman who's on our executive leadership team, Pete's freaks program director and always has been a crate fan and supporter of Jamie's work because she understands and appreciates great journalism Marian got her staff rolling on deepening the search and being able to full time, and and be able to find someone who might be able to do this. And then might Lupo from Marian staff found Sarah proc in Scotland doing some online searching, I ran I discovered the video of film critic Roger Ebert who lost his voice to throw cancer, Sarah, pock, reassembled his. Voice reassembled as some old tapes, and basically gave him away after many years, and I emailed them and said, hey, let's talk about whether or not you can do this for Jamie thirty year veteran with a great trackers journalist, and they were thrilled to do it. So we started meeting with Sarah proc, and they what they do is they take samples of someone's voice. They kind of put it into to talk like a layman they put into a big pot. They mix it all up and the continents syllables and the inflection August mixed up. And then when they when you type it in seeks out, the best example of that of putting words together sometimes the entire word. It may be that they have to connect different syllables to form words, the more content that you have that you can put into this that it can pull from the better. I'm a woman of deep and abiding. So I'm just going to say right off the top that the syrup rock solution. In my view is a total. God thing they were very interested in working with Jamie. And my goodness. We were thrilled have the opportunity to work with them. There was a problem. Normally, we record speaker, maybe thirty gram Leary professional services with Sarah. But we didn't have the possibility James James case Jamie's current condition. Abel's come in court, phonetically, balanced, Chris. So what are we gonna do or thinking this isn't gonna work that's going to work why? Because Jamie is the most thorough and organized. I make Hallman audio order, but he has audio archives of his own reporting going back for decades, and we sent Sarah proc two hundred and fifty three hundred samples of what Jamie sounded like when he was creating a report and from that they were able to recreate his voice April fifth eighteen first before we get to the agenda the first planning call with syrup rock is there. Anything Jamie wants to say. Yes. Help. What is even more awesome than the fact that syrup rock a wanted to work with us be was able to work with Jamie's archived audio files? And then see creatives voice is that Cox was willing to pay for it. It was not it was not achieved project. Alex taylor. Jamie was always a great reporter company president and CEO. They always has been he's always been a big hit on our radio stations. But he is more than just reporters. Great teammate. He's a great collaborator. And so for us helping Jamie was never really a question. It's not like we evaluated the cost decided. Yes, or no. There was never any question as to whether or not we are going to help them. He's part of the family. So in total. Two, maybe three months voice, transcriptions recordings building voices, Israel, typically. Quick, obviously at first some phrases on better than others. But we felt strongly enough about it that we we sort of committed even with version one that we would come up with a plan to debut it on all of our radio stations. Probably about three weeks after that June eighteenth. Jamie, synthesize.

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