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Make me more kentucky. Sports radio into stock the mortgage. Here's matt jones. This courtney love. Yeah i did actually. I don't know that a whole lot of people like the band the whole for like a year. I liked him. Do you remember the mtv awards. Where she just like threw things at madonna. Yeah remember that. What a weirdo rivalry. That was donna. And courtney love five to five seven one today. The text machine to simpson four five to four couple lines. Give us a shout. One person writes matt. Wins is okay. Seven i think fans will be angry. Nanda ten wins is where mark stoops should keep us. I mean that's just a ridiculous. Yeah listen you can think that if you want but if you really expect kentucky to win nine to ten games in the regular season every year you're just asking yourself to be disappointed. I mean i'm sure. That's what the coaches would like to happen. But first of all how many programs in the nine to ten games every year alabama all burden not even aubert's alabama georgia georgia. Maybe florida although they haven't in the last few years about it that's it. Yeah i mean what. What makes you think we're in that group. I mean the fact that mark stoops has us in a bowl. Every year is to me an awesome success story but tennessee doesn't win nine to ten every year south carolina does it. Missouri doesn't auburn doesn't texas. Am doesn't why would you think we do so. I'm just saying if you set your standards like that. Then you're just asking be upset. But i do think ryan there are people starting to do that and i'm actually surprised to hear you of all people say if we don't win eight. I'm going to be disappointed. I think that just this season. I'm not going to be the guy that one thinks. It's possible every year. But but this season i think like i said we just went through the schedule man. It's those games that they should win. Are there for the taking this year with the talent they've got but let's okay but which of the there. I think these games are closer than you act like like. We're probably going to be an underdog at mississippi state. Probably at for whatever reason kentucky always seems to play well down there. But i mean. We're probably going to be you. Say that though. I mean we haven't won down there in a while. I have we heck. I can't. I think you just made that statement. But i don't think we've one down there in quite some time. I did look it up. You're right only twice in your lifetime. Have we had eight wins. There was a time in that mississippi state rivalry where we always one there and they always one here. Yeah but that's changed. And i think in recent years it's been the exact opposite i'd have to look. I don't remember. We play him every year. And i can't even remember how i think and i could be wrong about this but i think for the most part in the last few years the home team's one. You're right yeah what what's the eighteen Was in lexington kentucky. One two thousand seventeen and was in starkville. Mississippi state won sixteen was elected to kentucky one. So yeah i'm trying to look at to see the last time kentucky one in starkville was two thousand eight. Yeah so. I've done pretty well down there. Yeah in two thousand eight. Which was which was thirteen years ago. So i do so you know. I mean i'm just saying i'm not saying we shouldn't expect to win down there ryan but i think there's a very good chance when that game kicks off we're an underdog and i just don't know if mike leach is system is really going to work in the sec. So i think to win win that one like you said they can win out the rest of the season. I mean they could the wins. Last tennessee wins. Last season wins last season. We won every game. We were supposed to win. Never happens in the sec. That's why i said you'd have to assume we drop one of those. Yeah just have to. I mean we always do. We always going to draw one of them now. Do i think it's possible. We steal one from lsu in florida yes. Is that a possible yes. That's possible is it certain. No but it's possible. But i just feel like sometimes i just want to say. Hey we all need to slow our roll a little bit because we got people saying we're going to women we should expect to win on chan that just strikes me as a little bit excited about the fact. Yeah i rather us have this conversation then like man. I hope we can get that sixth win. Ballgames she. i used to have every single year. When berenson writes your co-hosts excited that paul finebaum just signed a new deal to be on the sec network through twenty twenty six. God bless that man. I mean great for him man. I'm not mad about it. But i mean really the guy opens up the show and just go straight to the phones. And let's the callers run. The show that the caller should be the ones getting a raise really remained. Paul obviously just. Because i said it shows a natural cure for insomnia doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. I like paul. I think paul does a good job. I think you have to have a certain ability to get all that stuff out of callers this go carson. Hello hello you're on. You're on go twenty minutes later. Let's go next goal. It's time for a break. That's the show good-bye everybody four hour. Show me make it a lot of money mad about it. He makes more than we do. That's true joe. What's up joe. I how you doing man. I don't tell on shannon the dude that Robert randolph had a sound. Pack the party wherever you go. And we were talking to him on a california zephyr heading back in san francisco. The shot down has been a little Tour around the country. I'm calling.

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