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Alias PRI I'm, Tom power if you happen to be kicking around Toronto. This week if you were somewhere around southern Ontario maybe you, knew, someone, who, had tickets to this concert you might have heard a lot of people talking about Drake Aubrey, Drake Graham like even more than usual and God knows we talk about Drake a lot on this show. But this is the week that Drake brought his Aubrey in the three migos tour. Back to his hometown his tour with. The group, migos for three huge sold out shows of Scotiabank arena that's what was supposed to happen anyway the queue this panel are here to. Fill you in what actually went down at least a Christian San has gotten up super early in Vancouver. She's, the arts reporter and associate. Producer for. On the. Coast out at CBC Vancouver Lisa, has the. Coffee oh it's really doing its job I'm glad and. Tabassum Siddiqui joins me here in Toronto freelance writer she sits on the jury for the Polaris music prize I started A guest hosting Hugh she was just sitting down one destiny is is to. See a nice to see you so. Drake started, off with his this week in uncharted territory with people in Toronto who normally support him even when people are hard on them fill. Us in on the drama so our men jersey pride and joy of the six ended up postponing his. Hometown, dates of his scorpion to. Or not. Once but. Twice and this week he was, finally we're. Supposed to hit the Scotiabank arena with the Atlanta rap. Trio migos But on Monday the first of the three. Toronto shows was postponed at the, last minute so you know what promoter said was circumstances beyond their control Fans were not, told what the circumstances were but then they were pretty surprised to see. Me goes hitting the red carpet at the TV words right There is some speculation that that's where he was. Going, to be. Likely at this stage, Lisa are we are we concerned that. Drake and start angering his Canadian fans even, need to worry about it yeah come on he he may move but he's still Canadian House to apologize That's part of who he. Is if it's not a sincere apology we're all going to lose. Our minds, yeah of course I mean. I think that we to a certain extent. Get, used to postponements it is not great when you call in sick to school and your teacher sees you. At the mall so it's kind of data quivalent feels like with the awards on but yeah it better be a sincere apologies got. A lot, to make up for okay so I want to get to where he actually was in. Just a second before, we get to that I should say the people were already a little bit upset with. Draped, because this. Year he wasn't hosting, his Oviedo festival in Toronto this year But. It's a question does does Drake really oh Toronto that isn't normal for a city to feel this protective of an artist and feel so betrayed I'm not sure that our relationship with Drake can ever be classified as a normal or healthy Healthy I think there's a lot to do with Toronto the waiter on in. Themselves you, know, we we've always had a bit of this Imposter syndrome maybe or a little bit self deprecating and here Drake comes along. And he's a big champion for the city it's almost funny how he's become this. Huge cheerleader, because, Torontonians don't often do this for so So he's finally come out like there's so many, great things about the city and that's where I totally stand. Behind him where it's like you know what we don't actually talk about, ourselves that way so here's this guy. That comes along and does that for us but then died means we. Hold them up on the pedestal then whenever he's not maybe what we want him to be Got a bit disappointed but at, least Vancouver do you think we're all crazy for this yeah. I do I think you guys might need some collective therapy I mean he has to go off guys he's got a whole other well world you know that he has to, live up to so maybe you just need to like just kind of let, the umbilical cord hanging. By the way I can. Just to let you. Know I can hear my mom and my aunts and uncles sighing as I say we to represent Toronto, I just let you know I know. That now so people? Were? Speculating that Drake cancelled that Monday show so he could go to the MTV via maze but that actually wasn't what he did where did, he go, Tim so video showed up the next day that showed Drake visiting a young fan who had just said a. Heart. Transplant in an a kid saucepan. Chicago and I think it's pretty hard, after everything that happened. For fans to be too mad at him? After, that yeah. Take a listen to this clip we have here You asked me to. Come. Here I'm so happy I got. To see you.

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