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It's not easy but but you know her boss. Currently when we were talking about the The civil rights act of nineteen sixty four case. That just happened now. Two terms ago. I guess Earlier this year last year. Jeez i'm gonna do that a lot. I'm gonna say earlier this year. When in fact what i mean is more than six days ago. Two year time parallel currently ends just going to be summed into one year at some point we'll have a constitutional amendment on it but she Her boss was like. What do you think's gonna happen with that case. And she was like She was like they're gonna they're gonna uphold the the right of you know And she's like not only. Will i say and i think this is so funny because her boss didn't believe her. I thought she was foolish. It she was like not only. We'll switch side with the liberals hill right the opinion then. Her boss was like get the fuck outta here or whatever and then the day. It came out gorsuch Side we've liberals and wrote the opinion and she was like that falls directly in line with his historical jurisprudence that that is not surprising to a lot of people were surprised by that. But i also find that people who are not married to a constitutional attorney do not follow the supreme court is closely and i also think understanding is like there is a lot of stuff kind of on my side where we see like for example gorsuch and the ice road truckers case. Which in my opinion his jurisprudence is just fucking wrong on lila coolest coolish ruling that he wrote out there but conservatives are like busiest republicans the federalist society. Look at that. And go okay..

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