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In the line and it's pretty fraud at this point because he's at the point in his career where he is fighting top guys. He's probably you know even if he might not have all the money leftover. He's he's probably getting paid more and the gist of it is. There are not many easy fights. The higher you get so i had an out of left field suggestion For a fight that i would keep him busy. It'll be fun. yes and that is zak. Cummings oh and why do i say why would i say that. I feel yourself in my matchmaking hot. I don't know if you guys think of it this way but it's like you think of it is like well. Here's the fight he should take. Here's the fight that he will take or the. Here's a fight bit. You know that that seems like a fight that could actually happen like there are fights that are logical that that should happen like till winner till versus bronze net seems logical me in a very competitive from a competitive standpoint. But that doesn't always apply here for a variety of different reasons. So i thought he would take that fight because that's an exciting match up because he thinks it's winnable and because it will basically keep him keep the income The revenue coming in so I didn't you know there are more zak. Cummings out there. In the middleweight. Division was the one that i pull out a short but the gist of it was that the challenge for him is. You're gonna need to find a fight that he feels as winnable and will keep him busy so that was one of the ideas that i have if we're going to keep him busy not having weight because look is versus. Whitaker is not going to take place this year. It could be well into next year. Depending on what. The situation is tobin in everything. Yup and then the winner of till brunson who knows what shape that they're going to be in at at the end of that so there's a lot of variables here. There's a good reason for him to stay busy. And it's a matter of who he stays busy against. Yeah there's about to be a lot of waiting at one eight five. It's great that we have these cool fights coming out. We've got that till brunson as you mentioned the month after that Cost and vittori and then the month after that Sean strickland in luke rocco so we have really cool fights coming up. It's just after those bites are done. I'd be very surprised if we see any of those guys fight again until twenty twenty two unless maybe someone jumps on the kennan near You know contract for his next next offer. So i did. I went a little unrealistic here. I think you're right. It's were privacy sooner rather than later if we take his post by speech at face value. It sounds like he needs to stay busy. It sounds like he's not in the business of waiting right now so i went sort of Magical matchmaker here. Where i'm hoping things work out for kennedy era so he has some some money come in and he can. He can wait in live comfortably. Until then because i want to see him fights the strickland ruckle winner. So that's You'll see to sixty eight november six but that is a long way again. That is three months away still a two and a half months and then they have to wait You know they need to recover. Whoever wins that fight unless they wanted to really quick turnaround. So i'm essentially putting cannon on the shelf until as i said until twenty twenty two which it doesn't sound like is ideal for him does not sound like something he wants to do. That would be my choice. If everything worked out perfectly which again on this show. Sometimes we just wave the magic wand stephen and that's just but Yes you went with the more practical. And what's more likely to happen and i agree. I do think we see him fight. Maybe a amid to someone outside the top ten To stay busy and to keep himself on the winning track which might not be the worst thing. Yeah i don't. I don't i don't mind your idea. I mean that's actually from a more logical standpoint in actually given everything that's in play with the schedule it might end up working out just fine two months as well but three months not that big of a deal All things considered so. I like that idea to and i think you're gonna find us a lot. I'm gonna agree with you. i'm gonna go. Oh that was my idea. Oh yeah that's a better idea. No no no no both see we gotta get all sides of here. You're playing the playing the game perfectly. So far we've got to get all sides of it Because again there's what will happen. So i was likely to happen. And what's in a perfect world of we were the matchmakers and we could take care of everyone properly. What would happen so a little less likely but yeah. I think there's a lot. I would hope there's all people entrances him fight Strictly morocco but And you mentioned like you said that the other thing about fighting someone outside the top ten would also apply to the man who lost calvin gasol. Now we're not gonna formal Go through for him. We'd like to stick with winners. He fought very well. But we like to just stick with winners for the sake of time. But i also would agree. Quiche kisha fight. Someone like zak. Cummings next if he's the assuming the of keeps around go outside the top ten right. That would be the logical. Yeah why move for him. Yeah if we're if we're not talking about schedule all things being equal he. He needs to step down in competition young. He's bought the top of the top. He is and been so close..

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