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Make is a performer because they you'd say that you're not hungry. Anymore is the day you're not funny anymore the day you're you're out of it you know so even though. I had a ton of money in the bank I always acted like I was broke on the road. I'd Love Oh my twenty five dollars a day per diem and I would just sort of do that and I mean it's just psychological. You know if I didn't if I didn't work as a comedian. I didn't think I made anything because because the TV money would just automatically go into some bank account somewhere or something I I know. This sounds stupid but it is ridiculous it is but but it worked for me and what I what I understand is like the idea that I mean doing. Comedy is ridiculous so I mean I. I really understand the idea that in order to do something this hard and it really is hard hard. You have to have a little bit of the fear of God like you have to be. You have to be running from a dragon to get top speed a little bit well yeah. That's probably beat show but you know Seinfeld. I have discussion all the time I remember. Jerry and I were talking one time and said what if we took a vacation and we liked it then. We're screwed route. That's right. You're screwed now. If you're sitting on a beach I mean obviously there are downsides to this. I mean I live in beverly the hills. I have a pool. I've really never been in because every time I get to the pool. I hear that Boston Voice. What what are you. Mr Cool now will oh you sit in the pool in Beverly Hills. How do you not broken here. You got nothing need fixing really where you're going to sit in a pool. That's why people go by. You wave now. You're right. You're right. I cannot bring myself to go on. This just becomes to the point where it's I just feel as if that's the ultimate not now you've sold out now. You're lazy. You're sitting in the pool. I I mean the detail that I remember most vividly from reading the late shift. Was the detail of your wife going on vacation without you so I said I'll send her. A whole graduating class to Europe to me is like a bad day at Disneyland. I can't stand it but it's not like no but see I have a great marriage with the married forty years and and I love her and it's wonderful so it's not like Oh but she likes to me. That's just right now. I'm not suggesting that you would that your wife would go on vacation without you because you don't like each other but simply because you just don't see the value of clean on the value of going on sorry going to do a stand up gig in Fresno. What am I doing. It's worth well see that's the thing though because when I was broke I was was really broke and he used to sleep in an alley off forty fourth and ninth right in the middle a hell's kitchen and I remember seeing through the alleyway dykes lumber yard yard which I believe is still there and I remember sleeping in that alley and it was one of those alleys in relieve me. Hell's kitchen was way worse in the seventies indies than it is now and prostitutes bring jobs into the alley and I'd be like sleeping in the corner. You just hear the most horrible horrible to say. I'm just sitting at cry my eyes out one night just saying Oh man this is my life now really wanted to sleep in alleys and it just I. I just thought if I ever make it. I am not going to turn down jobs. I'm not going to be how much they pay. No that's not enough. I'm sorry you know I think what am I doing on Tuesday this worth this kind of money so that's probably the low self esteem thing. That's where it comes in and that probably AIDS in your success when you were guest hosting the tonight show. Would you have in your mind going to host the tonight. Show and Johnny Carson Retires No. I thought that would be a nice thing. I mean I mean you had told your our way out of highschool your later. Everything was sort of going that way but no I mean. I thought that would be nice. If it happens. I mean I became the permanent guest host which was a lot of time because Johnny was all fifteen weeks a year. You're so I kind of worked out so it seemed like the logical thing Dave was doing his show and you know people always think oh you stole the show I did I was I was a guest host for five years. I was on every night and NBC's mine they had successful show at twelve thirty the extremely successful with Dave and it's accessible show lengthier me guest hosting if they pulled me out move dave down why have no choice but had to go somewhere else or they could keep. I mean I think in some ways day was the victim was success that way because that's I think that was the networks thinking. There was no who who you know 'cause. It's all their choice. I WANNA play a clip of you on Letterman's show now the late night okay not allege. That was my favorite time of my life doing that show with Dave and I think you're I mean I you know I was the kid then only watched it on. You know bootleg. VHS tapes we'll send me in nineteen ninety nine or whatever but in these days a lot of it's on youtube right but you know you were many many people's fave on that show because the two of you while the funny show so continent. Mike really all the front dave was an equal with Johnny. I would always call Mr Carson Carson Jack John and I just I didn't grow grow up in an era where your parents friends you call them by their first name. It was just awkward and I couldn't go to Johnny Nice Tie Pal. You know it was like yes. It's from mclovin collection very loving collections with Letterman. I see I was I always knew what used to drive letterman nuts and my favorite thing I always get like a huge huge meatball sandwich or something and I'd hide in the hall and when I saw Dave coming down to make up I just end the whole each Ezekiel. Huck your ten. How can you eat that day. ooh. Why should they bring meatball sandwich out on the set day would be you know hilarious because Davis truly awkward. I mean hilariously awkward. You know I mean the definitely Dave and I when I made the tonight. Show my own. We brought the audience right up close and I would shake hands with people people in the crowd. I remember David Really Funny Bit when I say I want to shake hands of people in the crowd and he was behind a big plastic wall and he put his hands through the hole in wall to gloves in it and then he would shake hands with the gloves with few I mean that was the difference that was his version of making fun of what I did you know and it was very funny and he very famously aimlessly in the course of his program kind of winnowed the number of staff members with whom interacted down to the down to the barest which honestly as the owner owner of a company with twenty seven employees. I love all my employees. They're wonderful people amazing people including the winter sitting right on the other side of that glass but like I totally understand like I there's a part of me that would rather just work under my desk so no one can look at me. I get get home with my dog on my lap. Let's play. Let's play Jay Leno my guest on late night with David Letterman in the mid nineteen eighties yeah. What do you do for entertainment when you're on the road. It's lonely isn't it. Oh it's lonely. It's Rambo and come on the genocide movie. How about you. It'd be wise all the movie. I read the book which wasn't actually a book. It was a two page to page pamphlet. I got from the John on Birch Society and just kind of a simple thing. Rambo opens fire page to the end. You know you know what I love. I love when foreign countries get very self righteous about the United States like England now wants to ban Rambo because they feel the movie condones American style violence next along with meeting. Go back and reshoot some of the scenes in a soccer uniform. Make it a little easier for them..

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