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Available in all states. President Trump's Alexi ambassador to Canada for the UN envoy post more than from correspondent Mike Rossier? In a pair of tweets Friday night. President Donald Trump announced he has selected US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft to serve as the next US ambassador to the United Nations if confirmed Kraft would succeed, Nikki Haley State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to Trump's first choice to replace Haley withdrew from consideration last weekend. Trump was also considering US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell and former US Senate candidate John James of Michigan. However, Trump has demoted the UN ambassador ship to sub cabinet rank and Brunell indicated he was not interested in a non cabinet role. Mike rossier? Washington special counsel, Robert Muller. Sentencing memorandum for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was not publicly available on Friday suggesting it may still be under seal Muller's team was to have weighed in by the end of the day yesterday. Breaking news at townhall dot com. Lawyers for Jesse smaller. Are speaking out. Matt small reports jussie smollet attorneys say Chicago police put on an organized law enforcement spectacle. When Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson detailed findings about the alleged attack on the empire's star yesterday. Absolute Justice would be an apology to this city that he's smeared AC comments like that one have no place in the American legal system. Smarts lawyers. Call their client who was released from jail after posting bond a man of impeccable character and integrity who maintains his innocence. I met small the attorney for Grammy winning R and B singer R Kelly says his client is innocent. And the prosecutors rush to judgement in slapping in with charges of aggravated sexual abuse involving four children Kelly was expected to appear today in.

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