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In the faceoff circles talked about it already fifty five percent as a team everybody on their center ice position over fifty percent. Only one player for the Blackhawks over that Mark. And that is tapes as ones at that point to Keith they'll carry down toward the corner. Trying to center came back to the Kane. Fires at hardest now with a butterfly save Dylan, secure and the right wing corner. Takes the puck put it behind the flyer net off of paves his stick. And then the puck spun up the nearside glass by Robert paying and over the glass on out of the way, it goes. So they'll keep the draw the flyers zone to the right of art. It'll be interesting to see what Scott Jordan wants to do as far as his match-ups in this game who's their shutdown pairing up against tapes and Kane when Dylan secure. Don't have the last line change. So they might have to make some adjustments on the fly. If they want a particular match up against her staff blinds for the Blackhawks were Qena tastes together. Now carbonite takes draw against Dylan Strom who wins it for the hawks. Alex debrincat on put it in front, Brenda Berlin. He got a shot away. Blocked follows up from the slot in fires blocked in front of the net players block shots, here's debrincat along the left boards high. Oh, the high slot shot and heart is down with a butterfly save. He'll hold the puck in the flyer Greece. Get a whistle on the face off circle of his left. Now, they'll score seventeen twenty two left in period. Number one line changes for both teams all the shots for the Blackhawks here early on been about mid waist height. Get pucks down along the feet. Great those second and third opportunies. There's been some traffic around the front of the net for the hawks certainly a purpose of not a bad start so far through two and a half minutes. David Campbell step in and try is like wins the draw Kunitz Conan takes the puck of a slotted. Fires and that's blocked over the near glass by heart. Whistle stops play. The hawks have gotten away five shots on goal to the flyers one. Put no score on the game. Shutdown checking line that Jeremy Kalitan was put together here. I'm gonna go up against quadrille and has linemates. Good matchup. Those guys are shut down this offensive line Katrina in the middle with thirty goals, drew seventy eight points. Deteriorate wins the draw from David camp. Put the puck behind the flare net. Philip Myers will spend it around up the right wing side at center ice off of Qatari stick into the hawk zone. Murphy, spins it ahead. Here's pervert crossing the fire line right point to camp, right circle. Grips orig- shot wide of the net rides around the left point kept in by Carl dalstrom of the hawks. He'll spin it down in behind the flyer net, Jane Gaza, spare got it there. But it up the right wing side quality row, he'll send it back down to Gaza despair beside the flyer net. Moves it over on the left wing side Myers snapped through the air this deflects down in on Corey Crawford and hawks get the puck back in there in and then they nearly give it back Easter Moffett kept it away from Hartman lose it. Now, here's Murphy at center ice on the right wing lifting. The puck down off the end boards in behind the flyer net. Goodest back to get it dropped into the right wing corner. Nobody there, but Brandon Saad sidesteps a hit Perry's behind the player net around it a less circle there. Saad now out to the line of the deep slot got free. The high slot shoots. He just missed the net. Puck. Taken behind the net. Santa drove it around not out kept in by. Brent Seabrook right point. Now the dominant right wing corner. You'll spend it behind the flyer net up the near side. Ryan Hartman took it away passing ahead at center ice Scott Lawton into the hawk zone. Fires one from a Slavic Crawford is down with a butterfly save. And he'll hold the puck. We get a whistle with fifteen fifty nine now left in the first toxin flyers no score. What a great effort there by Brandon Saad. He battled about three of the flyer players office back and then was trying to look for a play then snuck around in between the three fire players. Got a real good. Look at Carter. Heart was missed on the short side. Couple goals. Assistant his last four games twenty three on the season face off to the right hand side of Corey Crawford. It'll be the four seasons heating air conditioning and plumbing faceoff for all the reasons four seasons. It's gonna be camp against Nolan. Patrick, the drop of the puck hawks get it quite by kunas to jump into the faceoff circle area and webs that puck out. Gustav forsling hawk line left wing side shot the puck across the rink this deflects down to the flyers zone for over off along the left wing boards with the puck. Put it up the left wing side. Oscar Lindblom it's off his skate to center ice press. Conan's trick that the flyer blue line. We get an offside call here against the hawks. No penalty will be called on the play face off comes out of the flyers zone to center ice..

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