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Much. I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight. This woman told me, okay, I don't wanna cry. Everyone knows children and women. Don't have soy. Why are you doing job at startled? Sorry birdie. Her name is variety by the White House. Bright birdie, okay for raising recognition near Pacific, tell them. I want you to spend it. Well, you say is that I something. Finish. We'll get married from having some fates here from the harm horses. How? Demand that plus it me omitted, and there's nothing that can be done the laws cross country. Here's your. Dot TV and tell us who was more out of line during the speech Ramona to render or Sonia. What do you think I loved her end up? But I wish he would have chosen that moment to like lay into Ramon. It was really delicate time for birdie writing. Without giving Ramona was out of speech, you do really prepared. And you should know progress names bridie, right? She's the one that suffer. You did. Also, screw it up as well. Well, I couldn't help myself. Okay. That was awkward. I do want to say it was like horrible painful to watch looks like you guys say Ramona. A right interesting. She's good speech. Yes. She did finally the drama in the Bravo's here lately has been as exciting and turbulent as a motorboat by Bridget Everett. And since I have her here tonight. I thought I would get her take with Bravo by Bridget Bridget. How did you feel about Barbra joining the New York group, she's a Little Rock and roll referendum? The I think we didn't mix it up. Okay. Thoughts on Ramona lying to the charity of seating chart that was dark that was taught son Tinsley having a full on meltdown at the circus about Scott's Scott, the problem, I think her mom needs go easy on Tinsley. Okay. Thoughts on the win talking about in. Bethany is back and not seeming grateful for what for what she's done for Lou going through a transitional period right now. But you gotta remember who took care of you. When you need it thoughts on Ramona's, Sonia Tinsley, taking lobster so Barbara's clamp. Just I've done it before. But. Of the time. And I thought my purse with some raw bar, but you know, sometimes you gotta feed yourself. Dots. On lands outrage. Pink put in the fish room. You know, when you're single out of time people make you sleep in the yard and she's doing better than I am size. In. Beverly Hills starts on duty Richards admitting she's gotten a happy ending after a massage for him. Okay. Thoughts. Thoughts on the whole job gates situation who set you on L VP or everyone else dioxide. Starts on Sandovol calling Katie hypocritical bully because she's also done horrible things. I james. She is a credibility. All right. Thank you very much. What since Bridget's the song pounded or pass? I wanted to see how that metric would apply to some of the real f- boys of New York City with would Bridget hit it. Okay. Where would you hit it with Harry do? But I think he's he's been used up. Okay. What about Mario? All right. What about John Medecin? I think I'd go for happy hour with him. Okay. Happy about Scott Tinsley X past past. Okay. What about Tom Dega to lose axe? Listen, I don't like the style. But I love above man. He's just grab them band. Pirate tomas. Koreans that was that was so news fire fired. Sonia would like to share that way. Yes. Yeah. What about jock Lewin's axe? What do you think? So. Like, a French with a nice. They've now do you know, why Not not? what about Frenchie Sonia Zaks, meet I asked absolutely what about Rocco's shown us X anything that can handle Sonia. Boris Ramona swimming structure, anything they can handle Ramona. I definitely want to check. You know, what's so funny? It's like it's eleven fifteen in New York City. There is so much noise on the street, really. Never stops here. You know, there's drilling love.

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