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Better one Christmas break which is actually great is like the Star Trek movies every other one was great every other vacation movie was great sept twelve Vegas was much better than the reboot anyway yeah Nancy Pelosi there was there's a possibility legally that the president wasn't actually impeached because the house I mean not yet they all they got to do is transmitted over to the Senate but the house has yet to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate therefore according to their own expert one of the guys that they brought in Noah Feldman they brought him in as a constitutional scholar to talk about how Donald Trump whatever Donald Trump was alleged to have done was was so serious that it rose to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors because I said so member they had somebody there from Harvard somebody there from Stanford and then somebody there from the university of North Carolina with nobody nobody from a more impressive school available my day gig you gotta go where the opinions you want are and that's what they did and they they got no Feldman and he says you know that there's a possibility there's a legal actually he's not even say this possibility he's saying it so that the president was not in fact impeached until you move it over to the Senate because impeachment is a process not a vote you don't get to say that you have okay we pass this we're done now we're gonna hold indefinitely so we can say that president trump was impeached but we never have to really kind of try to prove the case because they don't want to prove the case they can't prove this case it's garbage they don't have anybody saying anything nobody involved in is is come out and said yeah no this or yeah I saw that it was horrible and terrible it's all secondhand third hand conjecture so I wouldn't want to have to prove that case either I just love that it's one of their own experts coming forward and saying you can't you can't do this you can't just declare it and then stop the process halfway through that's not how this works Democrats are so used to things working the way that for that however they want them to statement professor Feldman's has because impeachment of the constitution means the house sending it's approved articles to the Senate the house manager standing up in the Senate and saying the president is impeached as for the headlines we saw after the vote saying trump impeached those are a media shorthand not a technically correct legal statement so far the house has voted to impeach future tense trump he isn't impeached past tense until the articles go to the Senate and the house members deliver the message an important difference I love it I would love it if they they in their rush to just hard Donald Trump that they did this thing so horribly wrong that they did this thing in such an incompetent way that it just didn't work out for them but they they screwed themselves up that would be hilarious to me but I know I have a sick sense of humor speaking of having a sick sense of humor I am I watched I suffered through the I grew and by Thursday night to watch the democratic debate over it was on it is run on CNN but it was sponsored by PBS CNN and PBS must have some sort of joint operating agreement which is interesting because you know CNN is a partisan outfit and seed at PBS is supposed to be nonpartisan they pay good money they get involved in this stuff why would PBS and say oh yes you can have the broadcast rights CNN that didn't make much sense to me but then what does it matter they're all in cahoots there were a couple of actual moments of wild telling and celebrity Elizabeth Warren tried to attack mayor Pete booted judge yesterday as a tool of big donors and rich people which is very funny coming from her and it didn't work out very well for her she had the scripted attack on mayor Pete and mayor Pete came back and just decimated her decimated her we'll have that audio coming up plus we'll be joined by David Limbaugh I thought who better let's get a lawyer in a limbo on the show rush is brother to tell us about talk to us about impeachment and all the other insanity that this happened this week then we got David for does so then Star Wars Star Wars talk with Christian toto Hollywood film critic extraordinaire so much more to come on the program stick around now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six eighty WCBS at W. 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Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour a jury found the Maryland police lieutenant guilty of sexually assaulting a woman after she left the party prince George's county lieutenant Richard talent was suspended when the police department learned of the allegations earlier this year he faces up to twenty years in prison a federal grand jury indicted two men on extortion charge for a scheme in which a public works supervisor use Baltimore public works employees to do work to two men cashed in on they are forty six year old Ronald Smith of Baltimore and thirty eight year old fillable Verde Smith also indicted on a charge of being a felon in possession of a gun he faces a maximum of twenty years in federal prison Valerie Cunningham is running for mayor of Baltimore the former federal law enforcement officer announced her candidacy yesterday at war memorial plaza joining a crowded democratic primary race the twenty twenty primary takes place April twenty eight the general election November third charges filed against in and around the county man accused of setting fire to his ex girlfriend's home while she and their son were sleeping Antonio right charge after detective reviewed surveillance footage witness interviews on evidence at the scene is a preliminary hearing in January Hey Chris feel high school student facing charges after threatening to shoot a school Wednesday school officials discovered writing in a bathroom stall that indicated the school would be shot up today the Somerset County sheriff's office found the suspect using hand writing identification the student claims he just wanted school to be released early W. CBM news time it's nine thirty one we'll have a brief look at sports and the weather channel forecast is coming up next hi rod Perot here with safe retirement solutions let me ask is there a law somewhere that says you need to see your retirement accounts go up and up only to see them go back down and down again suppose the markets go way down like what happened back in two thousand and eight are you ready to retire if you're already retired what would happen then would you have to go back to work how would you like a retirement plan is going to give you most of the market came when the markets are up but gives you absolutely none of the losses that sound good then give us a call I've been helping retirees just like you since nineteen seventy five call and meet with me and my team in either Annapolis or Kelson just call us at four.

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