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Our defense force for the prince and Princess of Wales. It took place at the army training center south of London where William and Kate met military personnel from the commonwealths. A warning the end of the pandemic won't mean the end of COVID in our communities. The World Health Organization says the end is in sight, with recorded virus deaths, dropping to a little more than 11,000 globally last week, but COVID modeling altero as project lead says it's still a dangerous virus, which poses serious health consequences. Dion O'Neill says when you get close to the finish line, you need to run harder. When you finish a marathon, you get to stop completely. When you get out of the pandemic, you don't get to stop completely. That disease is still present and the community. But it's not like we're going to eradicate COVID. The Auckland mayoral race continues to heat up, following the becks withdrawal yesterday. The heart of the city boss had been dogged by questions over campaign finances, cited fear of splitting the center right vote as one of her main reasons for her exit. It leaves Wayne Brown and if so Collins, as the frontrunners, Messi university, political expert, grant Duncan, sits with bellett already printed, and will be interesting to see how many votes Bic still gets. So it depends how many voters actually get memo and so she's not exactly pulling out. She's just saying, don't vote for me. In New Zealand is gearing up for its first flight, direct to New York, flight engine two will take off the afternoon from Auckland, a Boeing 7 8 7 9 Dreamliner, bound for the Big Apple. It's a route which will take around 16 hours, damel Jackson reports. On Monday morning, the INSEAD one will touch down an Auckland carrying travelers from John F. Kennedy airport in New Zealand's chair says research suggests over 60 million Americans are considering New Zealand to see Nick's holiday destination. Dame Therese Walsh says this presents an enormous market opportunity. Today's talk seed beast sport, good morning. World meatball is launching an investigation into the Jamaican passport fiasco following their failure to arrive in New Zealand on time for the three test series with the silver ferns. The sunshine girls remain in Kingston, waiting for their passports to return from Washington, where their visas were issued. It's forced to cancellation of the two Hamilton tests, with label New Zealand planning to reschedule the matches for next week in Auckland. World nipple boss clear brago says her top priority is to support the teams and make sure the series goes ahead. Yes, there is a responsibility on both teams to provide a team to show up according to the tour agreements, but we don't know all the facts yet, but we will be investigating. Cameras in our finals run is over after suffering a 40 to four threshing at the hands of parameter and Sydney. Parameter would dominant from the outset, scoring four tries in the opening 25 minutes. Camera coach Ricky Stewart isn't making any excuses, he sees parameter was superior. Got us early and when you got 35, 40% of the football planning as a team like that who are on and they were on denied. Parameter meet north Queensland and Friday's preliminary final. In our old coverage of pit stops, save up to $100 with September's break special. The New Zealand team has fourth after the second day of dressage at the world of venting championships in Rome. Monica Spencer has 7th on mount artist, while Janelle prices 13th on McLaren, Tim price 15th on falco and Clark Johnstone 23rd, only 9 points separate the top four teams with Great Britain and the lead, Germany sickened and USA third. Janelle prices the team is thriving amongst a competitive field. Great start and I think a lot is going to come down to the cross country tomorrow the time will hopefully be influential. So we'll soon be looking to put four solid rounds on the board. David Beacon is queued for more than 13 hours alongside thousands of other mourners to see Queen Elizabeth lying in state and London, the 47 year old was prepared, armed with snakes such as chips, sweets, ain't donuts with his fellow cures to kick their energy up. Television footage of Westminster hall showed bickham, who met the queen several times during her 70 year reign, looked tearful as he waited to file past her coffin. I'm Kate wells, it's news talks he'd been using sport to sex past 8, Theo sport breakfast as nicks. Sport with John Ryan funeral directors continuing a family tradition since 1881. Weather, with ryman healthcare, pioneering a new way of retirement living. In the midst of us with a forecast for Christ due to study today, while we've wretched it up the thermostat, we have gone from 1° to 5, so that's what we've got in the city right now. Find a path from some morning low cloud or frost we did have a 4.4° frost, looking for a high of 14, the sporty Saturday and predicting an overnight low of two, and we have 5 at the moment. Sunday, mainly fine, areas of frost and low cloud in the morning easterly's developing as well. So watch out for those rep up warm in a high tomorrow of just 14, but we are looking for 14 today. We've got 5°. But we can finally hear and it starts now. On the old sport breakfast with Morrison Mitsubishi seem it to be his latest showroom at the south burn roundabout, use talks

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