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Tom Terry dry and cool tonight on this Wednesday temperatures falling into the mid fifties. We'll see increasing clouds and also some scattered showers by the late afternoon and into tomorrow night. I'm Joe ruble. Continuing our team coverage a suspected car thieves shock during capture near a hospital in late known of this afternoon. Life in danger when he chose to do what he did here. Police chief Orlando alone. He said officers fired at the suspect as he drove a car toward them. Eventually he crashed and gave up to canine officers. He was taken to a hospital for his wounds. President Donald Trump is planning on spending his thanksgiving here in Florida with his family. And of course, he'll play some golf. He played this morning with Jack Nicklaus. The White House has not released an official thanksgiving menu yet. But the previous feasts have include Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. How about some red snapper fish and a little Florida stone crab, well help us on the way to put an end to those unwanted call. If you like me get a call like this Elise. Once a day sometimes multiple times. Press one to speak to a licensed agents. The worst part is those robo calls trick you into picking up by using a familiar area code will. Now, the FCC is planning to create a database for businesses to check to make sure they have permission to call you. Another proposal would do the same thing for text messages. The FCC plans to vote on both proposals next month, by the way, an estimated two point five billion automated calls or meet each month. Ray Caputo news ninety six point five WDBO, the president of the United States disagreeing with the chief Justice of the supreme court, President Trump taking to Twitter to tell chief Justice John Roberts that yes. There are Obama judges, and according to Trump and Obama judge is not interested in keeping the nation safe. The president was upset when a judge ruling overturned his executive order saying that people could only apply for asylum at official ports of entry. Roberts says there are no trunk judges or Obama judges just independent judges on the supreme court..

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