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Paul cook the call called for chatting economic activity with dr bill lafayette and dr matt roberts helping us understand what's going on in the economy around us bill we want to touch on just a couple things some of the big economic indicators that we pay attention to uh maybe start with uh the jobs and and and the unemployed i am a picture here in ohio on across the nation for that matter or national they were having relatively stable employment growth here here in ohio we're also having employment growth maybe not quite a staple our employment has increased by five hundred forty thousand over the expansion uh which is pretty good and tell you recognize the fact that it's a fair amount slower than the national average and if you pull out columbus it's slower yet one of the things a map mentioned we were talking about the fed is their target inflation and i think if i remember what i've read it's around two percent is what why is a little bit of inflation a good thing and deflation a bad thing well you certainly want some inflation uh as long as it doesn't get out of control like a dead in the '70s a little bit of inflation uh stimulates demand stimulates consumption if you have deflation what winds up happening is people say oh this thing that i want is going to be cheaper next week so i think i'll just put off buying it until next week consumption tanks and you find yourself in a recession we learn often if you read the general press that so much of our economies depend upon the.

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