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Only to alex. It's your revolution buddy. Why are you in jail for it. So are they gonna say he's not a he's an actor. It's all been to play out. The fbi is working on this as we go through. It's all playing out and In the fucking republicans accuse public Haven't a ban put. Mary garland in place as the attorney general yet so they slow walk in that they said two weeks from now probably again I was in the military fought. I signed up to fight to defend this country to defend the constitution in as a black person as much citizen. I talk about this country I have read the constitution. I have talked to people from other countries. I haven't been out of the country yet but if we can make this work. This is the best thing. I know people from panama. They live here not because you know because they can't do that. They do here back in panama. There are people in africa from africa. That are here is because you can't talk shit about their governments this way. Did you care here. you can't do it But you can places like canada. England and australia and new zealand and all across europe. So yeah i agree. I agree wholeheartedly. I have a problem with american exceptionalism. Because i think it's given people this idea that it means that nothing we do is wrong. If it's an american it's right by we. The founders weren't perfect but they did give us tools and they gave us an opportunity gave us a structure that would allow us to grow as in allow us to grow into being a nation that was debt could fulfill its promise But we have to work at that. It's the fucking relationship so you have to work at the relationship and that's everybody You know. I got black people that say that they don't wanna vote was like no. We're just learning how the fuck is process. Works like barack. Obama is really the beginning of our civics lesson as black people for real By generation that's the beginning of the abet civics lesson so now we understand. That midterms are important. Now we understand that Bet voter suppression is going on and that we need to have all our ducks in a row to make sure that our vote counts. But we didn't know that thirty years ago like we weren't we weren't civically engage to the point where everybody knew and understood how important it is and that we're at a place where people are actually waking up to part two things that did wanna be aware of their. There's large group that wants to know and wants to change. So you know we. We still have to work towards being the nation that the constitution says we can be. We still got a whole lot of work to do. But it's possible. Yeah absolutely. I think we can all agree on this. Enough gender reveal parties. No more fucking baby shower because even which was be used at that event exploded and send strap no flying all this outside of flint michigan yesterday. Police say the cannon was not loaded with projectiles and it was meant to make more of a flash and release a colored smoke apparently malfunctioned and itself. Blew up. no one else. who's kurt. There's a dead twenty six year old man because of that. Oh shit batman as as my friend. Who'd he pointed out. Gender reveal parties have now killed more people than antifa. Why that's a good point. It really parties have killed more people than antifa. It really is all right real quick. I wanna talk about morgan. Wallin morgan wallace of. You're unfamiliar He is the country music artists. Who was going to be on saturday. Night live and then we spotted out in public violating violating covid rules at a bar without a mask and they said no. You can't come. And then he. They gave him a second chance and he showed up and because he apologized. Morgan was caught on tape. Drunkenly yelling the n word is one of his neighbors and he is now been denounced rebuked by the country music industry for using that racial slur. One group is not Is not turning. Its back on him. There's two actually first of all racist because the sales of his music have skyrocketed after he has been basically quote unquote cancelled. He's not getting played on the radio. His record contract was suspended. The they're not playing videos but three hundred and thirty nine percent increase in sales. His album was already number one. So that's one group. That is still supporting him. The other group might surprise you. And that's the n. Double acp the president nashville of that organization tells tmz. It seems to her that morgan's oblivious to the white supremacy that exists in the country despite all the recent examples including the capital riots and she would like the opportunity to educate the country singer. She says Wallin apologizing is a good start. Saying sorry doesn't mean a thing be doesn't work to fix the issue that led him dropping the n. word so casually the end ablaze. Ep leader says some people are under the impression. They can use the n. Word if they think it's not being used in an offensive manner but that is not the case says the word needs to be removed from everyone's vocabulary even if they're just talking to family or in wallin's case shooting the breeze with friends or yelling at your neighbors so they're inviting him to have a conversation about what went down. Help him learn why the actions are hurtful. She says the meeting would not be about khandan condemnation but about love. And she had she'd be willing to meet with him privately or in a group setting whatever's more comfortable because she understands these talks are difficult to have so for all of the people. And i've seen a lot of this from some of my friends near the kids in country music. Me me me me men. Why can't you because you can't years the n. Word don't be fucking racist. So the country music association they record company had be be. Winans is a gospel singer who appeared on. I think it was all or roberts or whatever but he he's they have him talked to him he was wanted people. Talk to him now Personally i don't think that they pulled his contract just because he said the n. I think part of it is what happened with saturday night. Live in this point..

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