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I really had to think about you know what were my priorities in the moment and for me, and it was difficult to be in that environment, knowing that I had such heavy things weighing on me back at home. I don't have any regrets. And with Sarah gone new competition No. Five more women. They're five new girls. Okay. Nobody. Okay. Jinx, Dad. Okay, there is there are there is someone who works as hard as Kris Jenner does. And that's Chris Harrison. No, that's the producers on the batch. So they talked this gal. Whose dad was got ls and had, like, literally weeks left to live. Go on the show to go on the show when then talk her into going and giving her one on one date. She's Queen a break during a group date and everything like that. But the thing that I loved the group date and the women really liked it. Was that? Well, first of all, Let's appreciate talking about the bachelor as a society that Chris Harrison appears to be writing ERN erotic romance novels. You know, he came out with his line. Brings right. That makes more sense. Kind of if you want to Chris Uris and capitalize on the whole package around love. Okay, But the ladies on this group date Holly had to write a pair. Great. No, Like two paragraphs of a chapter of an erotic novel. Well, and then they had to get up and perform in front of the other ladies. And mad and it was they were all scared of doing it. But they all for the most part really kind of liked it. It was actually it was very funny. It's very, very funny. I would have had a story like that Victoria Girl. It might not have been Pretty dirty because I've read so many good, erratic and battery attic. I mean, I'm tainted between didn't use the word Tanenhaus pages and penthouse letter writers as well as things like, um, Lady Chatterley's Love. Let sleeping beauty Syriza's by Anne Rice, But she writes under another name. Oh, did anyone start with there once was a man from Nantucket knows someone. You know what that's funny, But you and I liked You don't know. Imagine having to do that, you know, and then breaking it. I kind of thought it would be like I could see Wei was kind of fun, fun. You exercise different. It was something different. And I guess back to this Sarah person that we just heard talk about first of all, Matt, the bachelor. Is awfully wishy washy man. He wears great coats, and I like how he looks. But could he be any wish you watch here? He likes everyone. And then And then one thing had somebody's done. And the Victoria The lady who's acting is the queen brought it in the smart class night. Did she ever and I guess what I kind of liked is the one girl woman that Kind of supported Sarah and tried to talk her out and not leaving and said, if you feel it, I felt like there was an adult in the room with this one gal who was like you remember how the producers are manipulating this. They don't let anyone know about Sara's dad. So it just seems like she's a selfish woman trying that Go on a group date where they're 10 girls trying to all have time with these guys. And she interrupt because she doesn't cry. Yeah, but she's crying and saying, you know, she just that this was triggering her jealousies. Notice how she put that above being cheated on I'm like, Why are you going on a show where you're gonna date? A guy with 32 other women? If you're uneasily importantly, why you gonna show when your dad is dying of a ls that we don't know that until she's created drama. We don't know that for 40 minutes. It's Yeah, I know. Okay. That's pretty right. Holly. That's producer. Oh, yeah, Well, yeah, absolutely. I still like it. I still like this time, so I don't know why we need five new people that is bugging me. This is a new thing. They did that This is a new thing. A new I don't know. Storytelling technique to the bat's not liking it. Well, the reason they do it is it creates more drama because the people start to get friendly with one another, because you spend so much time with each other wretch rather than him, So they're trying They have some producer like we watched on our show on real realized that if you introduce five or six new people, they did this with the last bachelor. It will create instant drama. In fact, someone should do instant karma redone for instant drama all bachelor earlier. No kidding, but it really is, but that's what it does it, dad. But I guess next week and that's good. But this Sarah gal and you do you did feel for but the like. They didn't let us know that they didn't know what went on and on, and I was just like, Get it over with, But I don't think the girls would have been so mean to remain. Victoria would have been Victoria, The Queen lady. She's who she was dating last February. Victoria, the Queen lady. No, Sarah. She's really hot. Well, she according to some people in my family believes she's really huh. Yeah, she was dating G easy. He she was the bridge Street, Reggie Hall's E and Ashley Benson holes and forget him. Who gz was. Davy was stating Hosey, right, but that's like that's a couple of years ago. Yeah, he was with somebody else be after Halsey. Okay, and Then he moved on. The Sarah left the club with G easy once back in the before times. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yes. Oh, you.

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