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Anthony davis the podcast producer. Had a week off in the woods man since saturday. I've been taken some naps. I am absolutely tired. So but i'm glad to be back. I missed you guys. I really missed hashtag bad company. I really missed. Bts's family of podcast in everybody in the live chat. That hangs out on all the shows. And i even mistake. Scofield and jeff hartmann. I missed those guys so as well as everybody else on the network. It's great to be back here. gosh talking about we're talking about bigfoot. We're talking about lao richie songs. But we're talking about the most personality in pittsburgh steelers lower than that's what we are going to be doing Looks like we've had some people down for the count not feeling that great this week in hashtag bad company. Hope you're feeling better. And if i missed anything in the live chat. I do apologize. You know me multitask. This is bad. We'll tell you. I do not multi task well. So i'm trying so if you need to. If you need to let me know. Put it on there again. George test mask are the scouts. Coed now yes a new yes. They are but they're separate troops completely. My daughter was there. It's cow camp as well but she was in her own troop. She's not in our troop now. They're co ed classes. They're they're coed. They they mixed through but we keep a very good eye on them and they are not at the same campsite their tents or not anywhere near each other. And that's something that we make sure for for many reasons but the girls troops. I will tell you this. They are organized. They are fantastic. They take it to the boys. They really do fantastic groups really glad to have them there. They get a great experience as well. It's a good feeling to have all kinds of scouts. No matter the gender. They're working together but at night there in separate sites and that's good too so anyway i i gotta tell you this. I talked a lot of steelers. I met some. I met some be. Tse fans there that that knew about bt se. Had no clue that i was on. It had no clue. They didn't realize that they go to the website. And like mogo to the podcasts. So it was so much fun. It was one of the best weeks of my life again but this year no issues. What's so ever migra up. They they were really pumped. They had a lot of fun and no one thought. It was really weird. I think being off for covert being missing it last year. They missed being a camp in so they were back in. They were on their best behavior. I i think it was great. I love this now. I'm going to say jerry cherry says come on feel the noise girls. Rock the boys. Now if you're going to stay quiet riot you can but jerry jerry would probably correct me. 'cause that's originally a song by slade believe nineteen seventy-three one of the greatest rock bands in england's history. If you don't know slate you know the song. Run run away from nineteen eighty-four. It is a great song but slade does really good rock band. But we probably would've know it if it wasn't for quiet riot. So can all feel the. Na is there you go check out some slade man. We're throwing out bigfoot lionel ritchie. Now we've got slade and quiet riot. We've the scouting movement. We've got so much to talk about. It's great we had to scout camp. We had two on thursday for spirit week. it was sports jersey day. What's yours do you think i wore. I'm gonna let she guess. I will let you guess which jersey i war yes. It was a steelers jersey. But which one do you think. I wore so throw it in there i wore. I also wore. I wore this. Make your own maryland helmet. Because i represent the state of maryland in the back our numbers on the back have the maryland flag in it. I did not wear the. Bj fit he pants garrett. He's that would that goes against so many things that would be not scout appropriate to where those pants..

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