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What she said i i would guess that that that that he would question i said about quantum theory because you know einstein famously did not not a big fan of quantum theory and and now einstein's been dead for you know fifty sixty sixty year over sixty years and there's a lot more evidence of quantum theory i'm wondering if stephen would would say what do you say now l the other thing is of course einstein was was the one who is lay ahead of his time in looking for a unified theory of everything and people at that in those days i thought that was nuts and now you know that's the for the last forty years has been really the hottest thing in physics we have we don't have it yet but he might want to know what he thinks of those attempts did he even at his condition ever laugh oh well he he i don't think he could laugh i've never saw how could you see a smile on his face he had a big he light up the real hit a huge smile he loved hugh i remember once we had a heated argument i'm waiting you know as usual i'm waiting minutes five six seven eight minutes for him to compose his response to what i said i'm all like you know what what's going on and i you know i wanna we gotta get to the bottom of this and he finally you know what when he finished composing it if you weren't looking over shoulder to see you know he would hit a button and his computer voice would read it finally comes and it was a joke joe did he did he with us sane it did he ever curse through that machine yes he did he ain't british curses i could just see him do that.

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