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Well, welcome here. I'm glad that I had you and I actually could spend some time when you cuz last time you were here I figured it was on but there was just too many people and and you can get a word. Oh I had Sherry on and she she was great too. Yeah. I know I love Sherry and so, you know and I felt like it was awful thing cuz I don't think she expected you in the way you talk and everything. Yeah. Yeah, but actually messaged her after it and everything and man she's sharp too man. You you have some phenomenal. Gas John you really do maybe put me out, but you really do bring some really great people on here. Thanks, and I appreciate it and look. I just got to get through the spots. But before I get through this page, I do want to say well first I'll say look there's my PayPal link people PayPal. Me slash John Melendez. And even if you want to send five or ten bucks doesn't matter everything helps house how Forex is telling me all the new equipment. I have to buy and it's quite it's a lot. It's about a thousand two thousand dollars worth of stuff. I got to get so every thing helps and I appreciate that stage dog. Thank you for the five bucks. Love to spy. Wish it could have been longer. Well, he was here for an hour and 15 minutes. I am pretty damn good, you know what I mean? But I just want to get you know, again people got purged from YouTube and the only and I wouldn't even mention I've been trying Not too but this is what's happening to me Richard for some reason like people will block some of my chat that the people from the chat. Oh, I have to say to young people that get thrown off complain to YouTube Google YouTube support and they'll be a way that you could chat with them and complain to them because the more people complain the more that you know, it'll get it'll start going to be able to take it. Seriously. I've complained the billion times and it doesn't seem to do anything off Sparks told me I need a twenty thousand subscribers before they even opened their eyes to me. So we have about 13,000. So we got to get more subscribers Kenneth. I don't don't worry. I don't expect anybody. To donate if they don't have the funds good as gold and not only did you get knocked off. My my chats haven't seen on the chat. I've been seeing them so I don't know about that. But now let me just talk about some of my sponsors. So Richard, uh, you're married, right? Yes. I am and you ever have a problem, you know, like, you know, you know with having sex with your wife, I'm Italian and Mexican brother. I got that. I'm good. You're all set down. You know, I'm good. I'm a paratrooper my brother. All right. Well God, you know, look, I don't know if you know this Richard but look man start losing it testosterone at the age of thirty-five. They start losing 1% per year age. You know, what? This episode is sponsored by bluechew. Let's talk about something we could all use more of right now Richard sex great sadness page and look, you know hot look looks blue chew has this sildenafil in it. That's the stuff that you know that gets you nice and nice and easy if you're a man for sex and you know what guys now you.

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