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I also think John has to be the one to take her out. But from there what happens. Do we flash forward twenty years where I told you Sam is going to tell little Sam the other Gillies child, and this was a song of ice and fire folks, right like, but they're still so much to tell. And I think that's what's gonna hurt the shows like. Z? Kristen right. I mean, John seems to be the only emotional connection that would have any weight. Although I would pose just as a weird Lancaster family thing that gets passed down like Tyrian somehow has to kill her because he he chose verison. He was wrong these emotionally affected. But also just think about that that like he would be the Queen slayer. You know, what I mean like, it would still be pretty emotionally effective the other thing. I would like wishful thinking I would love this dragon because again, John Tarr Garin John can ride these dragons. I I know that the dragon was the instrument in which she created all of her chaos. So probably not gonna happen. I would love this dragon turns on Danny granted cheese unburned, right? She can't be burned. So maybe that's a bad wishful thinking or whatever. But I think she has to die because otherwise what the fuck did. We just watched this whole season you have like. No consequences. Man. You brought up an interesting point. Again. What what reason what the dragon half to turn on Danny child? I mean, that's what I'm saying. I have no logical reason for it. But I feel like game of thrones kinda stopped using logic this season, so anything can go. But what I'm saying is at least that we know that in John's blood like targe- area bloods there. We know the dragons will listen to them. I'm not saying the listen to a more than Serse are, Danny? But what I'm saying is that that is like a checkoffs gun. That's there that can be used. I think it's obviously more likely it'll be John. My wildcard is Tyrian. Okay. I have one prediction. Well, you know with with John Killington Harris, I do think that's going to happen. I think much like I've said this like once ready grey worm. I think the drug I going gonna get out of there. I think he's just gonna leave and it'll be not an actual death. But they'll be a death of fantasy and magic with his departure from west rose. I think that's was the we're we're gonna see is death who's who's drug on drug drug on the dragon. Yeah. Yeah. You think he's just going disappear? I I do I retired. I'm honestly. Yeah. Take off. What I said last week about the token of it. All right. Martin's always at much loves Tolkien at the end of Lord of the rings. Magic is gone. The time of magic is passed on. And like they've been set in that up. Man dragons, gone, the white walkers are gone, so. Yeah. Like if drug on takes off, it would kind of again lead to that idea that like the magic that was once in west arose is now gone. It's history. What else would you guys like to Ed kind of free form part right here floating ideas man was up. I mean, some other things that I would want to know at the very least what what what happens with brand at this like he had such an arc throughout this entire series becoming the three eyed raven this this this fountain of not little fountain of knowledge knowing the past and the present always like, I I wanna know what's going to happen with him. Is he going to kind of go off into just be the three I'd rave, and it has to be something with him that has to be satisfying drag off too..

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