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He he learned a lot about that in the helped me out during that time, then I took on another partner. Didn't learn my lesson after the first one and this. She. The second partner was like, I guess you'd call it like a sweat equity partner. This was somebody that had been like helping me, you know, when this other thing didn't work out. And I was in such scarcity mindset that when that person exited the picture that I just locked onto the next person was just like, hey, you be my partner, he know. Like again, like just didn't know what the hell I was doing. Somebody you could do it on your own rights. Yeah. Yep. I was I was the pendant. I was looking for the answers, you know, in in other people. And so that person of being like super toxic was just a liar in. It was just it was bad with such a good liar. Manipulator like, I would literally like catch this person red handed in a lie and be like, dude what the hell, but he was so good that he just be like dude your trip in man. Your bro? Your you blown way out of proportion your trip to the point where I'd be like me, am I cannot just. Writes, something like that. Yeah. I mean, like, dude he like he he got over on me on the good. And then he ended up like was sleeping with several women, you know, from the gym. And so, you know, they all found out about each other in that all blew up, and he tried to open up another facility take all my clients, and that didn't work out and that was lawsuit number two. And so from there, I finally like got everything in my name in the started working with bay droves. That was when I met that was when I met you in Badri ups. Yuji surges of that. Yeah. Yet through YouTube, sir, in that was one like one of his videos really impacted me was you know, where he talked about. You know, there are people out there crying themselves asleep at night because they don't know about the information you have and that hit me at a time where I was really like feeling sorry for myself. Like, you know, I'm convicted felon like who who am I to share my training information with people like really feeling unworthy in that hearing that was just basically like you selfish bastard, you know, how selfish view. Because it is so powerful. Me. In them. Yeah. So yeah. That that day like that. I got to meet you in bay droves. Because it was just us to in life. You knows me tramway in like me and training had gotten together as my fiance, we had gotten together he know through this in she had actually chosen to. She was, you know, gotten into medical school chose not to go to medical school to align. With this crazy person from prison that you know is. Conversation would've been greats been there for me. That was a that was a tough one. But it's all cool now. But yeah. That. These things because they are just so so -rageous reading like who could even write a movie, but this that you're you are persevering it and seceding, man. You know, you said he's coaching Email every week..

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