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Offerings. Visit www dot d lt dot com backslash BMC Solutions to Learn more I'm Rita Kessler w T o p traffic And to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets, lots of clouds around today and some showers pushing their way through the region. We're going to keep a chance of showers just about any time today, Mainly on the light side. There could be some more moderate or steady periods of rain. But for the most part, just some light showers passing through occasionally, maybe some drizzle. Lots of clouds and temperatures in the seventies. Some lucky areas will make it to right around 80 degrees, but the humanities building you could likely feel that overnight tonight will continue with some passing showers. Temperatures in the sixties and low seventies were right back in the mid to upper eighties. Tomorrow for your Wednesday we'll have a few pops of sunshine, but once again expect about a 40% chance of a shower or thunderstorm just about any time during the day. If we get some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, one or two of those could be strong Same deal on Thursday 30% chance of storms. Temperatures around 90 on Thursday Feeling like the mid to upper nineties with that humidity. I'm 17 4 meteorologist, Lauren Rickets. Well, right now we're at 72 in Colombia. 73 in love played a and 71 in Warrenton. Brought to you by new look, home design, no interest and no payments for six months after roofing installation. 12 21, now new information this afternoon, a Prince George's County police officers in the hospital after being stabbed in the leg Officers responded to a call just after nine this morning on Serenade Circle, not far from Branch Avenue and Clinton. They're the officer got into a physical altercation with a man under distress. The man stabbed the officer in the leg. The officer was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. A task force in Montgomery County has started work to reimagine the Police department. And it's been given 3.5 months to develop some new recommendations for change. Kicking off the work of the task Force County executive Marquel Rich criticized the police symbol of the so called thin blue line, the line said. To stand between law and order and chaos. It fosters a certain attitude toward community members, which is really unhealthy, Eldridge says. They're also must be a shift in funding from the police department. Two of the words the funding But moving funding out of the police department to fund services that really ought to be done by somebody of the police is the absolute right thing. Todo advocates for social.

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