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My goal there was was going to throw up on them i ask you know that's right should take eat a big vac visit and have some epa cac in a coffee mug anger a house house cody gone about her family up either that'd be funny and i told shanley met story these like oh can we put that on larry sanders and as i have but i want to do that and here's will you know so that was not larry sanders and then i show up to do regis in kabylie and they go hey sawyer a shanley a a well you know is just a job and then they pat me down in in my copilot there's a bottle of epa cash i wanted to bring up with a fire extinguisher yeah i just came out in because they said 'cause i said that the nature of fire another hey maybe we'll have you uh you will give you fires things ruin that be funny agree it would be funny and then i don't even want to get the introduction outages grabbed a fire extinguisher and i say hitting the two of them with it but you know i don't do that kind of stuff i love the psa that you had to do after the letter after the letter was great gober way when you do things i'm sure it's the same way it's like i i don't think i don't think often when i'm doing something it's like well you liked it when i did this in this in this.

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