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Hollywood, Brea, Franklin discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


So definitely attention getter steer clear of Hollywood how you can use on the Brea to Franklin to highland that'll take you to be a one on one you should be fine you know there are still people downtown we had an earlier protest it does city hall no peaceful protests on spring looks like spring street still closed between temple and First Street Broadway looks like that's slow as well so again avoid the city hall area of little Tokyo area around downtown anything south of third street no I think will work for you they have to make your way home where you have to make your way to work Wilshire Boulevard still shut down the end of the protest the mayor's house just north of Wilshire this me Wilshire and crunch all that is what you need to avoid then you should be fine if US Olympic to the south for next reports at seven oh five from Brian Douglas more traffic ports more often can extend seventy newsradio we have a low temperatures tonight around the sixty M. mid sixties then for tomorrow on hottest day of the week valleys getting up to the triple digits in around ninety at downtown coastal areas staying close to seventy five we'll see cool off as we get towards Thursday downtown at the LA Civic Center seventy six at six fifty seven meet chakram now me trucks personal information hello made up of things like account log ins bank info and check social security number whenever chop shops banks and browses online his info travels all over the world bowls you ni how brief yet exposing it to cyber threats well that's no good so how is.

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