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At clemson. Amanda i won't go back to you on this one the freshman year and i i believe i don't know if the jerseys behind you are from that from that season or not but to to step on that stage and take over the position when he did and then to go on that run i mean. What was that like for you for you parents. I'll start with you manage just to experience. What a magical time. That was For him and your family yeah. It was really exciting. I mean i was so proud of him. And and just you know you went. Allen competed and he didn't let any kind of press or you know i guess You know what the press was anticipating or whatever. He didn't let that bother him he. He knew that he had a job to do when he went to clemson that he was going to compete for a starting job. That's what all the quarterbacks do are any position that you're assigned to or that you play. And he gave it his all and yeah the super proud of him. I know you have to be proud of. Not only what. He's become on the field but it seemed like over the last year so he's really grown into the leadership position in terms of the face. The clemson have you seen him. Grown from your own is as a parent terms of a leader and as a a role model for others. Well i mean one one thing that comes to mind straight away as though high state game when we were down and then we ended up coming back in and winning that game. I mean he didn't let anything get him down. He really picked up his team and was like is you know we can do this and really didn't give up and he's is always been persistent in that aspect and Yeah under super proud. And how he's brown as a later and that he can. You know be an example to his team a hard worker. Don't give up you realize along with that. But the platform has to impact people off the field and he embraces that and You know really wants to take advantage of that opportunity. So i think he's definitely around in that capacity. I think he will continue to do that while this is this is probably the most important question that i have you guys. You guys have been great with us today. I just. I got to know as somebody who's a little bit thin appear and as bucky who somebody who's more thin up there. Where does this beautiful flowing hair. Come from from trevor. Who did he get his hair. Not for me. He had a head full hair..

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