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Stephen Smith show here on ESPN radio talked about the different ways that you can look at our Meyer when it's all said and done I don't like I handed that press conference. I don't like how he handled the whole Zac Smith situation. I thought it was deplorable. I also think that that's the only thing that I've had to say negatively about him since his days at Florida when it was about thirty one arrest. So we can look at it. A couple of ways we can look at him as an enabler of bad behavior. Oh, we can look at him. As one of the greatest coaches we've ever seen. I have to be honest with you. I prefer to do the ladder. I think we can do both. And I think you have to do both. I think trying to strip away one in favor of the other doesn't do it just as all the things on urban Meyer's ledger, and all the things that have been a part of his coaching tenures are just that they're a part of it. So distribute away and say urban Meyer was just an unbelievably winning football coach at the highest level that we've seen probably not fair to the fact that there were also a lot of complicated things that he continued to leave in his way going back to his time at Florida. The guys in the transgressions that were a part of his time there that he left behind that a lot of people thought he was trying to get away from during that portion of his career and then now coming over to all Hieaux state where you can look at a seven zero record against Michigan. Their most hated rival during that time period you can look at the number of first round draft picks, but you can also look at. Here's a guy that we found out at the end left a complicated legacy. The minute. We heard about what Zach Smith had done what urban Meyer and company had known about him throughout that time period. And ultimately the suspension that started this season. Really started us down this path to where we got with him. Now. First and last podcast more. I think about it as we talk this morning about, you know, Markelle Foltz who will get to right now. And interesting new development is I think he just searches for answers. I think that's more of this about we're gonna talk so much about the mental aspect of Marquel. Folds that I think just getting an answer to something that seemed to evade him for so long might go along way in that this can be physical, but still more about the mental side of this. But when I think about urban Meyer, I wonder if will ever get away from the image in the thought we had of him at the press conference at the beginning of this season because we talk about urban Meyer retiring stepping down after the Rose Bowl this year for is their head coach Ryan day going to take over at the helm for that program. I wonder aloud if it's just the image of urban Meyer. Disinterested. Defiant at that press conference bordering on petulant. That's kinda still stuck in everybody's craw. Or if that will fade into the distance. But as I say that one of the things that still kind of defines my idea of urban Meyer is his time at Florida leaving there a lot of the the problems and the problem players that were a part of his tenure in that. And I wonder if you ever really fully get away from just the idea that we heard the first time around you said you were leaving for health reasons and spend time with family it was a year away. And then he was back at it. If if maybe there's just no running from that portion of it or not, but I there way complicated legacy in the wake of one of the best head coaches in college football history, you can get in touch with us here..

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