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Baltimore carbonaro Nashville Atlanta, Orlando Tampa, Dallas Austin. Hell, yeah. You know? It's funny. This the venue that were playing at in car, the cat's cradle it's the same venue that I went and saw you remember. Do you? Remember, you never listen to the dubs said did you not really agai about a pretty big dub set face? Yeah. Did you? Or sophomore year. Yeah. We went and saw Russ Roscoe Rosco go that goes doing. All right. Yeah. Me too got cancer or something. When some he when he was huge like when he first came to America, basically music and everyone was like, oh, yeah. You're this guy from London rescue Rasco? You probably wouldn't hurt them. But he goes up stab you bright around. Now what that is. But heavy bass music he played in North Carolina car borough. And I was like all I'm definitely gone so me, and like three friends drove from Durham, bro and watched. No, actually, it was major lazer was the second person that I ever saw at that venue. And then saw them both Rusco open for major lazer. That's what it was. And what this was one major lazer was like diplo and switch, and it was two of them DJ in suits. And then they had like the. Caribbean dancers. Yeah. Just going ape shit on the stage. Right. Like the dude. Set up a ladder jumped off the ladder dagger, basically air. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways. He he jumped up and grabbed one of the speakers one of the giant speakers those hanging in the corner. And we were all standing right underneath that. We were like front row, and it just like swung and some of the dust from the roof like from where it was hands on a roof light came on. We were like we all would have fucked. If that like the like a little bit more force on it. If it came down, we would've splattered on the ground sick. So loud of the love that for us. Yeah. Love that. Anyway. Yeah. Was I don't know random number anyways. Turn my phone off those annoying. Anyways. Dude memories, you know, memories it now, we're going back there, the cat's cradle and carbo. I think I think that's what it is. I don't know. Don't quote me on that car hit hit someone car to their lay. Dude, come to rally next time. I'm like did carber this time. It's not that far. Yeah. Make the drive rather. Just funny like the it's like the number one response to a tour announcement, I always thought like, oh, we now the tour people are going to delve. You're coming my city WNYC ninety percent of the comments or folk folk what does she why are you coming to Moscow? Man, Moscow people always get fucked over. I understand all our LA people being upset though, we already done we've already done two shows almost two years ago. What the very first LA LA, Orange County. Does not LA. It can't. Yeah. I guess it doesn't really count. Nobody fucking drives. Not like. Yeah. We haven't been to like LA LA in a minute. No. We did a show there a year ago was more than a year ago. Is it? Yeah. No. Because it can't be. It was our podcast was that only in December knows October. And we took it on a whim. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. I mean, so. Yeah. Not to like get a get bitten in the ass. But we're hoping some places get added. Yeah. I talked to him today. And he was like he was like we'll see what we can do. Yeah. We're hoping some places. Oh, man. And and also for my Canadian people. I'm sorry. So many comments being Fulco would focus over not loyal to Canada. Now, I am loyalty you guys. I'm I'm going to be going through visa shit. Then so I can't technically leave the country. Yeah. So the bit business thing man, the back end and like just set Nishit of raising now man speaking to travel into house your house your race. It was good. It was good. It was fun. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. It was good. It was like one way better than I thought. No, I didn't train like nearly enough as I should have which is the same place. I was in last year the. Tangent. So go by ticket. Yeah. Sure. Like ADD? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Buy tickets are on sale right now, if you're listening to.

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