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In most cases. If you've been fully vaccinated against Cove, it Here's our soccer Madani from the White House today. Is a great day for America to Atlanta. We have all longs For this moment. CDC director Rachelle will lead ski announcing the agency's latest guidance. Fully vaccinated. People can stop wearing masks outdoors and in most indoor settings, You can start doing things that you had such doing because of the pandemic. The CDC is still calling for masks in crowded settings like hospitals and wild traveling. Unvaccinated Americans should keep wearing masks indoors. Saga room agony. Washington gas station should be back to normal next week, says one industry analyst after a cyber attack force the largest fuel pipeline in this nation to shut down for a time. The colonial pipeline delivers almost half of the gas they used on the East Coast. Fuel is now running through the pipeline again, and President Biden says we expect to see a region by region return to normalcy beginning this weekend. Continuing in the next week. Washington D. C is among the hardest hit locations with 73% of gas stations out of gas, according to Gasbuddy about 70% of North Carolina's gas stations around Israel and Hamas. They're still fighting Israeli tanks have been pounding Gaza ahead of a possible ground invasion, Republicans are ready to lift New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik into the ranks of the party's house leadership. She's expected to be elected today is Number three. House GOP leader Stefanik would replace Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who got bounced from her leadership position after criticizing former president Trump Ah former Army Green Beret who admitted divulging military secrets to Russia will be sentenced today on espionage charges. This is AP News. Texas lawmakers have passed a law that would ban abortion is early a six weeks into her pregnancy, which is often before women even know they're pregnant. AP correspondent Jackie Quinn has this Texas governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign the Texas Heartbeat Act into law. It would ban abortions after the first detection of an embryonic heartbeat and electric signal flutter can be detected in about six weeks. Development in an embryo although it doesn't really have a heart and it isn't even Yet of fetus. What's also unique about this bill is that it allows anyone to sue a doctor or a person who helped a woman get an abortion. The right to life group says It doesn't punish women, but critics say it will allow abortion opponents to flood the courts with lawsuits harassing doctors, patients, friends and even a parent who paid for a procedure. I'm Jackie Quinn and I'm Rita Foley. AP News To Florida deputies who were fired for inaction during the Parkland School massacre in 2018 are expected to get their jobs back. A Broward County circuit judges ruled. Deputies Brian Miller and Joshua Stambaugh should be reinstated to their jobs with back pay. The ruling is based on a 180 day deadline for taking disciplinary action against law enforcement officers, which was missed. In both cases. Both law enforcement officers were faulted for way. Being outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School instead of rushing in and confronting gunman, Nicholas Cruz. Ah, third deputy was also fired not only for driving away from the scene but also for failing to write up a tip that crews had been making threats on social media about shooting up a school. I'm Jackie Quinn mask changes I'm timid driver than AP News Minute New guidance from the CDC is the fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor Settings today. Is a great day for America President Biden as people who haven't finished, their shots have to protect themselves and those wearing masks should continue to be treated with respect. We've had too much conflict. Too much bitterness. Too much anger. Too much politization of this issue about wearing masks. Let's put it to rest. The change follows the Lewis case number since September, the lowest number of deaths in a year and the fewest positive test since the start of the pandemic. A Marine Corps major stationed at Quantico, just outside Washington. D C has been charged with taking part in the January six insurrection at the Capitol. Major Christopher Warner Gear is is the first active duty service member to be charged in the riot. Prosecutors say he was arrested today in Virginia. I'm to McGuire AP News I'm to McGuire the CBC.

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