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For the longest time in this off season there wasn't much to talk about but We got a lot to talk about. Now how are things going and good morning to you. Good morning again. Yes. it's great to see. Finally some more clarity around. How the twenty twenty one spring training and regular season going to be organized and structured. And you know then you hope that that will go downstream in the same kind of questions get answered for the minor leagues as well the The off season is brought to ueno. Nolan are not oh and now yada your molina. You know my mind was kind of a foregone conclusion. I always felt that yati was coming back. How about for you well. Yeah and the to their defense. The cardinals have been very clear all along that even though this was a down payroll season for them or year to year. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty one that they had always allocated money to sign wainwright in molina. The real question was could they do any more than that so yes. I think everybody kind of thought that was going to happen. And you know they were able to do a deal for are not oh that was basically payroll neutral in twenty twenty one at least so you know i think at this point in time. We have to look at the improvements. The cardinals made the guys coming back and say this is pretty much. Looks like the team that they'll have this spring. Yeah they may bring in some guys on minor league deals and all but you know you have to feel pretty enthused about the way this team is looking right now pagoda. I love the projections numbers. I know you do as well. They've got milwaukee and chicago ahead of saint louis. I'm not sure i buy into that. How about you well. What i posted on the cardinal nation forum was those projections are a hot mess. I just. I don't see how anybody can can look at the talent. Not only that was here last year but then look at the players that have left in the cardinals having really made the only major addition and say the cardinals earn anyone when team you know a third place team. It just doesn't it. Boggles the mind me. Dan and i think those projections are going to get posted in the cardinals locker room. And they're gonna get stomped on a number of times during the twenty twenty one season. I wanna go back to yati. You consider that yati his got four of them. Platinum gloves are not. Oh god Four of them and so eight combined of the tenant of ever been awarded diong is not shabby goldschmidt. Won a gold glove. Baiters probably got a gold glove his future at least potentially tie their o.'neil. Artie has one. i think. Tommy edmund is gonna play above projections and dylan. Carlson is just fine in right field defensively..

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