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I can't I can't wait I saw this this morning and I'm like I'd love the British they have become more American than us are they are they have just done to the E. U. what we did except they did it without a war and they did it with all kinds of pressure and all kinds of doomsday stuff for brexit happens tomorrow at I think eleven PM and Nigel Suraj who has been fighting this battle since the day he got into the E. you gave one of the best speeches I've ever heard I want to play the whole speech and you're gonna make it to the end because eight so I mean you couldn't write it you couldn't write it what the ego does at the very end is encouraged the ball it makes the point and this is the shot heard around the world I want you to listen to this speech say this is the final chapter of the end of the road a forty seven yeah political experiments the British frankly have never been very happy with my mother and father signed up to a common market not to a political union not to flags I'm Thurman's presidents and now you even want your own army for me it's been twenty seven years of campaigning and over twenty years here in this parliament I'm not particularly happy with the agreement with the cost of votes on tonight's box Boris has been remarkably bold in the last few months and is on the line he's made it clear he's promised us they'll be not level playing field and all not bases I wish him every success in the next round of negotiations I really do but the most significant point is this what happens at eleven PM this Friday the thirty first of January twenty twins a mocks the point of no return once we've left we are never coming back and the rest frankly is these out we going we will be gone I'm not should be the summits of my own political ambitions I will soon have as I've said before all you thought it was terribly funny are you stop laughing in twenty sixteen but my view is changed of Europe since I since I joined in two thousand five I stole the constitution the being drafted by just got others I sort of rejected by the French in a referendum I sort rejected by the Dutch in a referendum and I saw you in these institutions ignore them bring it back to the Lisbon treaty unbiased you could ram it through without that being referendums with the Irish did have a vote and did you say no I'm a forced to vote again you're very good at making people vote again but what we've proved is the British all too big to bully thank goodness it was awesome right opponents all the entire European projects I won't break six to start a debate across the rest of Europe what we want from Europe if we want to trade friendship cooperation reciprocity we don't need the European Commission we don't leave our European cold we don't need these institutions I'm all of this power but I can promise you by then you can't and indeed in the brexit policy we love Europe we just hate the European Union it's a simple as that so I'd like I'm hoping this begins the end of this project it's about a project it isn't just on democratic it's anti democratic I did put in that front right it gives people power with ours accountability people cannot be held to account by the electric about is not acceptable structure indeed this historic battle going on now across the west in Europe America and elsewhere it is doable ism I guess populism I knew you may lose populism but I'll tell you a funny thing is becoming very popular and it has great benefits no more financial contributions no I'm all European gold of justice no more common fisheries policy notable being told down to normal being bullied mobile G. Holdstock I'm only what's known I know you're gonna missiles I know you what about all national flags we're gonna wave you goodbye we look forward to in the future to working with you as sober in the card is might listen if you disobey the rose you get cut off could you please remove the flags it's I'm really pleased to time resume your seats put your flags away you're leaving and take them with you if you are leaving now.

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