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Booked in you talked about the Obama plan GM and GM changed our plans. Workers bosses in companies changed their plan. So nobody had any idea that that was going to happen. So we can't really blame. Hi, Larry math. No economist, but I would just point out with the balance of trade issue. There's another side of that question. And that is the books are always balanced. They had earn extra money. They don't just fight and. A vault somewhere, but they take it and spend it somewhere and a lot of it goes back to. Lambing to both the US government. Company. So that's the other side of that which nobody ever talks about. We do have to do something about the issue. But we have to remember that as long as we keep borrowing money. The foreign countries are going to have the balance of trade issue with it. Triple eight nine seven one eight triple eight nine hundred eighty one seventy two or three larryelder. Relieffactor dot com studio. What do you mean? No one ever talks about that. I said from the very beginning when President Trump talked about how many countries have trade surpluses with us. That really isn't the test. We want to buy stuff from somebody else. Why can't we buy it? And he also said Trump did eroneous lead that we don't have traipse with anybody. When in fact, we have crates are posted with a number of countries. Anyway, thank you very much for the call. Now. Who wants to be a police officer? The head of something called the police executive research forum is a man named Chuck Wexler. And the police executive research forum is a think tank in Washington DC. Article about him in about this in Washington Post. Recently was a room full of chiefs. And he asked them to raise their hands. If the if any of them wanted their own children to follow them into a law enforcement career. He said not a single hand went up. Washington Post says nationwide interest in becoming a cop down significantly take Nashville job applications dropped from forty seven hundred and twenty ten to nineteen hundred last year. In seattle. Application for the police force declined. Nearly fifty percent. And this is the department with a starting salary of seventy nine thousand dollars. FBI said they had a sharp drop in applications per year from twenty one thousand applications to just thirteen thousand last year. Retaining officers is harder to. According to the police executive research forum survey of nearly four hundred police departments twenty nine percent of those who left their police job voluntarily had been on the force. Listen a year in additional forty percent had been on the job less than five years. At this think tanks gathering in DC. Police chiefs and commanders across the country. Attributed decline numbers too. The diminished. Perception and diminish respect for the police in the years after the shooting and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Police chief from Hampton Virginia said this, quote, there's an increase potential for officers to be criminally liable for making a good faith mistake. We're seeing a lot more media coverage of officers being prosecuted and that weighs heavily on a lot of officers hearts. That's a stressor on whether I wanna stay in this position or not into quota. Police chief of Montgomery County, Maryland, Russ Hamel said he prefer that his own kids. Enter another profession, even lawyers. He said. I see the treatment of our street officers out there. I think it's time for somebody else to take the torch. Applications down almost sixty percent. Four hundred department surveyed. They said their applications had decreased sixty six percent part of it. We have a healthy economy and people have options. But pay isn't the main reason, according to the Seattle deputy police chief his name is Garth green. The number one reason he said is validation the validation that they're putting their life on the line. There's no respect for that. End of quote, and you blame the news media for undermining respect for police authority. All I know is that during the Obama administration. From the time Obama, I came into office from saying the Cambridge police acted stupidly when they did not. To if I had a son he looked like Trayvon. Terrier colder going to Ferguson and saying I'm here and not just as attorney general muscle. Here is a black man. To Loretta Lynch, inviting members of black lives matter in. Put it all together. Officers are perceived to be systematically institutionally. Racially profiling blacks. The Washington Post piece also said there was a steep decline, of course in blacks applying for the. Position as police officer. Charles shere, a criminal Justice professor and university of southern Mississippi. Said African American students are often deterred by family members who were not too hot on the idea. Close quote, a relative become a cop. So here's the trick bag. We find ourselves in. On the one hand. Ferguson PD was accused of being virtually lily white only had three officers who are who were black in a town that sixty six percent black. On the other hand you apply for the force your own relatives. Mock you for you to be a sellout. And then you wonder why there aren't more officers of color on the force. Roy manual the mayor of Chicago. Said that the police have roll themselves up into a fetal position. Because of fear of being accused of being a racist cop. And as a result in some areas, you seen crime go up as a bad guys realize that officers are not out there. We saw an uptick in crime in Saint Louis near Ferguson. 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