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An end. But you know it continues our love affair with the atom to me to gene to me. Say to save to me soon to to me you know. People of a certain age relate to the word or the brand name westinghouse in terms of household appliances. And if you're really old you remember a woman in betty. Furness opening refrigerator. Doors in the middle. Of the ed sullivan show live. It's all a different westinghouse. Now ladies and gentlemen there in the atom business there in the nuclear plant business and in the dirty part of it apparently a second high ranking employees of westinghouse's facing criminal charges in connection with the multibillion dollar failure of the doomed nuclear project in fairfield county south carolina. Jeffrey benjamin former westinghouse senior vice president of new plants projects faces multiple counts of fraud. Going to an eighteen page. Indictment made public this week in. Us district court. It's the it's not the only one. It's just the latest criminal charge in a four year. Federal investigation of what went wrong. And the highest of to. Us competent companies westinghouse in the former scanner corporate not scam a- scanner. Come on come on now. it's an end. Not an m the charges against benjamin for his role in failing to truthfully report information regarding construction of new nuclear units at the v c summer nuclear plant according to a press release from the us attorney benjamin's alleged cover up billions of dollars in losses at westinghouse's troubled nuclear plants in south carolina and georgia were part of a series of events leading to the company's bankruptcy for years ago according to the indictment the defendant's misrepresentations emissions as well as the associated cover-up resulted in billions of dollars in losses to scana ratepayers and investors. Ratepayers be you and make benjamin who's responsible for westinghouse's worldwide construction of nuclear reactors. He's the fourth person to face criminal charges in connection with the scanner scandal. Hey i like that. The three others another former westinghouse employee in two up scan officials all have agreed to plead guilty to various counts of fraud. They've not been sentenced. Benjamin faces sixteen. Felony counts including conspiracy wire fraud securities. Fraud any other kind of front no causing a publicly traded company to keep false record. Couldn't breach for comment this week. Could benjamin but the slogan from days of your you can be sure if it's westinghouse seems Seems even more archaic today and dateline richland washington hanford workers at the big place that used to make plutonium for bombs and ford workers who begun emptying radioactive waste from a leak prone underground tank the second such tank. They have tackled this year. Leave your tackling the king tank okay. You've wrestled it to the ground. But then what no. They've started work on tank x one zero three which has a hundred and four thousand gallons of waste mostly in the form of salt cake. Salt cake they want to transfer as much as possible from the single shell. Tank into one of the nuclear reservations sturdier double shell tanks this from the tri-city herald. You may ask. Why not the double shell tanks in the first place via you may quote. It's not easy to access the tanks. Remove this kind of waste. It takes specialized tools and techniques that have been developed tested and proven successful to meet this challenge. Said the department of energy's hanford tank farms director and. He guesses on the name. Yeah ricky bang. No not getting ricky bang ladies and gentlemen have a hand for rigi bang tank a x one zero three built in the early nineteen sixties with a capacity of one million gallons is one of four tanks in a group called the asx tank farm current focus of waste retrieval work today. The department of energy's completed waste retrieval from eighteen. Hey of it's one hundred forty nine. Oh single shell tanks. Some of them built as early as the nineteen forties. Why should we care and bother and thing released to the tanks yet to be. Emptied are leaking nuclear waste into the ground below. Goodness there isn't a river anything going near. That has news of our friend the atom. It gentlemen we have been taught to fear the influence of facebook in terms of miss and disinformation. And we've been taught that influencers are thing. Here's story from the bbc. That would bring both those teachings into question if not deep shade. Facebook is removed hundreds of accounts which it says were involved in anti vaccination. Disinformation campaigns operated from russia companies in the network of accounts targeted india latin america and the good old usa of a they attempted recruit influencers to spread false claims to undermine public confidence in covert nineteen. Vaccines said facebook in. Its latest report on quote coordinated inauthentic behaviour quite unquote. That's my favorite kind of behavior. Facebook said it found leaks between the network and a botched disinformation campaign from influencer marketing agency. Fizzy if the fa fancy fancy which is a part of a russian based company called ad now last month. Bbc bbc investigation reported. How in may this year influencers have been offered money by fazi to spread false claims about the risks associated with the pfizer vaccine according to facebook. That was the second wave of attempts by the network to smear western vaccines the investigation found from november. Twenty twenty. the same network attempted to falsely. Paint the astrazeneca vaccine is dangerous. Because it uses a harmless edina virus taken from chimps posts from accounts in the network spread means they used images from the planet of the apes films to give the impression that the vaccine would. Yes turn people into monkeys. They said that if it's a bad thing. These posts appeared on facebook in hindi. The same time the indian government was discussing emergency authorization for the astrazeneca vaccine campaign used fake accounts. Some of which facebook says probably originated from account farms in bangladesh and pakistan. I hope they're not using land. That could have been a real farm. They're starving over there. Facebook edited removed. Sixty five facebook accounts two hundred forty three instagram accounts for violating their policy against foreign interference. Facebook's threat intelligence lead ben nimmo described the campaign as a disinformation laundromat which placed content on a few online forms and then amplified that content on other platforms more than a dozen misleading posts appeared on reddit and medium and petitions appeared on change dot org expressing concern about the safety of the astrazeneca vaccine. And then these links according to facebook shed by a handful of influencers. You can get them in your hand. I there being metaphorical on instagram. Who used the same hashtags and made references to the fact that the extra venegas vaccine was derived from chimp dino virus. Both waves of the campaign were unsuccessful and failed to gain much traction. Despite the diversity of methods used quote in addition to the previously exposed efforts to enlist social media influencers. This operation appears to have used a whole range of tactics and a wider effort to see misleading narratives online about western made covert vaccines. That's the comment of jack. Stubs director of investigations social media analytics firm. Despite the best efforts of the campaign facebook's report observed sloppy practices including mixing languages as such as posting hindi language memes accompanied by hashtags in portuguese. Fuzzy was part of a russian company at now. The bbc made repeated attempts to obtain a comment from at now's headquarters in moscow received no response a director of ad now. British arm told. The bbc fazi was being shut down but influencers ladies and gentlemen failed to influence. Better give those smart back now. Ladies.

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