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He started a conversation with comedian friend and shop in the last hour will continue that conversation now we'll talk about how brain and wasn't sure if U. F. C. or the NFL was this thing but how he always knew that comedy was and how he refers to himself as a punter of the comedy world here he is with the wrecking Kathy enjoy I knew I wasn't like there was a my passion I news just a stop for me it was it was you know just a layover for me this that wasn't the career for me I would think that if it's not your thing and not your passion that must've been as you said terrifying it's like it's like I don't belong here yeah I like to train aspect of in the I like the team because I I you know I missed that when I was a play football I missed the team in and the guy so that was cool but yeah I was torture for me man did you know it was is a tough go this is a tough though for people haven't heard you do comedy where work where does your comedy come from I think it comes from a guy who's who's always felt like a misfit weathers and football or specially instead of comedy now I feel like I'm the punter on the football team we're your honor you're on the team but you're you're the planners long as when you're the punter yeah but it's not really respect not going over the middle man is not listed in don't worry I'll be here long after you guys this is absolutely true is that they don't respect the part well it's a nest we need a team you know but don't ever shank what do do you just check one out about a balance to your job to get a kick or even worse even worse and worse but they did they just don't go through the same thing that everyone else was with you though during the dog days there Chickenfoot he sees a I. does is pretty good at it and they like run from the other side no bruises never swore really pretty that's right silly comedy although they try to tackle every now and then yeah you get a rugby guy who can tackle but for the most part so in Tommy I like like I'm on the team and that you know and it's what I do but I always feel kind of like the misfits so I'm I'm always trying to prove my worth I'm always it you know I'm doing eight nights at the week in LA do at the time Mr making sure my stuff is is good but my mom at the road so I'm just always trying to get you know respecting the company world pretty similar to your your UFC career yeah it's like you gives you got started late yep you jump right in there with both feet it with the best in the business yeah that's kind of the the theme does to my career I guess with the U. S. see you know I had three fights in the scene fighting Roy Nelson on main main event and he's right you know he's bowl champion it is a former world champion three fights you say the number seven guy in the world so there's like zero to hundred and comedy it went from you know doing the smaller shows to you know having a special on show time now be I calmly central and then sell not Wilbur theatre in international torso it goes fast man it goes fast jobs our guest in studio again funny dude over one high school product went to university Colorado play football there fought in the in the U. S. C. now is doing stand up comedy in football you always get feedback even if you play in the NFL you're still getting daily feedback and sometimes you don't even want that sort of feedback what what feedback other from other than from the audience you know if you're good or not good that night what sort of feedback if any do you get the stand up comedy the the feedback it's tough because now with social media it's it's a negative environment socially is very toxic so I don't read those comments whether they're good or bad I don't put any emphasis on that I do not care about the comments online so for me it is about my peers so when it when I'm the kind of story improper you know the guys are pretty on the road dear can assign who know comedy I'm I'm getting it from them you know and if you know that's my special release percussion and me my wife watch last night we loved it I'm good rhinos comedy so it's it's same with you Mister Logan if if if it if you tell someone came as a great throw you know football it means a lot so if the guy at star which was Hey man I do like your you calmly special you really don't know calmly men but yeah if it's someone who's in the business means the world to me especially with a pair of three to say listen to give your coffee right now give me coffee I don't like my comedy special give your car I did a little U. F. C. on in rhetoric Bryan Callen it is his mentor in fact the Dave and I both want to see Ryan Caroline I think last time we love to okay he's amazing killer show of an a I can I know how much he's meant to you yes and he would come in before in your even with you know with them yeah he committed talk you up a lot before and I'm in we knew you of course UFC days but yeah he's been a great guy to have in your corner yeah he's amazing dying you know I I owe so much to him him and Joe Rogan they were just always like when I was fighting is to do you know you can do something else man you can go in this direction so to have the support of two of the best in the world like yeah maybe they're on to something so Joe Rogan was saying that too he's a bit of a renaissance there yeah I mean yeah yeah Joe Joe Joe and Brian you know they sat me down like you you should stop fighting and do this that's the exact what they told me yeah you know are we were talking before you came in I just want you to know what a what a courteous thing I did for you oh god after the hour we did on the show which you care you actually going there now with the thought I should tell him right I thought about it when you haven't been here so we should find out what we're used to scoot back can you share yeah so after the hour I had to take a pee real bad sure I'm sorry walking down the hallway and they're like oh Brendan's in there that I've said okay well wait so I didn't go in we thought was really strange because when in but I didn't in your why do you know what you're doing and not what would you think he was doing it everyone's going to the bathroom make use going into your site just so as a courtesy it's weird to have a guest on your show and that follow him into the bathroom to light armored right right awkward and the and the you know so close to get those are a guard in the stall yeah you're right you're right but then it's a little weird with that guy yeah right so you yeah X. two days your professional by the way I got a Texas has written one shop to think he was a me gays are wow okay yeah I get that you know you're a celebrity and you deserve some privacy why would I follow you right Tom Cruise right idea but your guest on the show I I wanted to give you that I get a piece to get like a really ships at that level it goes in the bathroom and I'm in there with her it's not even a big deal to me I I think laser you you you missed a bonding opportunity we could have yeah I didn't know if you got I. B. S. or something in rough right did it's okay if he does you can run a walk out yeah you just leave you know grab Kleenex somewhat the smart thing on it over no matter what maybe next time we'll be together before we let you go you mention you're Showtime special what what else I mean you've got what else do you have cooking my my mentors I just launched a new door fifty shades of brown and I'm I'm all all all over all over the United States Canada that I'm in in may two thousand twenty I'm in Europe I'm it all over the U. K. Sweden Amsterdam Ireland Dublin Cork Belfast yet do dear step back seriously and I think younger younger people sometimes don't do this because I don't think when we were in our thirties Rick we probably do this either but never to step back for a moment and say wow let me look it kind of the trajectory of what I've done look where I am right now I don't I'm the worst at it and you need so bad at it yeah I'm so but I think the other thing is I'm surrounded by just these monster comics who were doing arenas that the special on Netflix and you know they're doing all this thing so I I'm I'm always trying to get to that level so it's like I'm constantly going you appreciate the ride I can tell that then you appreciate where you are Ali and you have to that great feel good perspective all right Malia no yeah and I think that comes from sports you know switch so cut throat you know this is Natalia if you're calling Mister Logan against when I try to really so it's do you expect I really do man disclosure the coach of the bus or does pick your Cup of tea man but I'm good help amount I'm good and it's frustrating you're never go to see you well let me not that's that's both of our schools and we you know what they got the right guy this time you know I was with Mel Tucker yes I do live in our yeah I really like that dude said it is a rock football with him he's he's he's a hard charging he's got some juice to in a little bit intensity this is what I like about as it was when you watch the bus this year there's a toughness that they haven't had since Barnett was no doubt the one thing is is a you know as a Barnett guys similar buys but the one thing you might be this but we're gonna sock in the mouth man you are a tough team every time we were tough man yeah and they lost that somewhere along the way they just lost that playground anymore I I agree as well listen we wish you a Lotta luck you know we're probably be it's it's great to see how much accomplished things get awfully good to talk a little buff football with Colorado some brain and shop and it seems like he and Dave both thank the busser headed in the right direction well I hope so we'll continue our last with comedian dive Davidoff another fellow sports fan but not quite the athlete brand in showbiz enjoy we're joined in studio now by a really funny guy Doug.

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