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News in six minutes on seven hundred W. w. include the very latest stolen non rings Big crime, happening big crime daddy big grime and of course the weather, is well too with more rain expected again today probably the wettest two days in the history of Cincinnati, yesterday was and this still just add, onto, it which also adds to the misery of well one of my favorite topics would be driving in the The near death roundabout it literally it was like I don't know like a keystone cops or maybe one of, those foreign country where. They have, no traffic laws It was lawless today In the roundabout Lady just decides to stop because she misses her turn rather than continuing, to go around decided she maybe wants to back up and. Try. It again anyway the car behind her stop slams. In their breaks I. Slammed my mind the guy behind me slams, Nick my bumper but, no big, deal no. Harm no foul. No police, call we're good but then the guy who decides now there's four car stopped. In a roundabout I'm gonna go around them and cut in front, of car stopped and then takes out a hit the curb and, looked like they I don't know Knocked the sign over but I'm like I can't, believe what I'm seeing this is literally a free for all. Which. Is the topic of the bringing of the antique. Car rides back at. Kings island and proposing that before I don't, know maybe maybe put, a cop, out there. And goodness knows. We've got, officers sitting all over waiting to do revenue handsome any anyway put a cop. Out there and watch it if you can't handle eight anti-car on, a rail they should be looking at your license for extra testing, at that point To which my buddy Roger Ailes, Texas he said. Well do. You get a. Ticket then for, texting and driving the antique car now that could be revenue enhancement right there, leave it to an auditor by the way to find a new revenue. Stream guys are, great at that stuff at five. One three seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred big one and pound seven hundred ata Greg thanks for checking in brother what's up you were you. Were talking about, people stopping in the middle of the road while heard about seventy one northbound at reading wrote my God people, stop there all. Stop just stop that stop Morada counters looking. For the hospitals trying to figure out how to, get to the hospital which does big signs generally indicate hospital with an Have you seen they've got an h. I guess they come out of, the tunnel and they get the tunnel syndrome okay But man I don't get the backing okay emits the exit. Isn't there, another exit like I don't know maybe it's a quarter of, a mile away up anywhere net for that matter I'm yeah I could. See. If you're between here and let's, say Columbus you know where, you can drive ten miles and not have an exit okay and you. Should, be paying attention but usually in metropolitan areas. There's another exit right. There just get off and turn, back around or yeah you can get off, it MLK. Up there I think? I'm okay now has a new northbound? Entrance but I've seen a backup literal at backup middle middleweight what are you doing why would you on the, back up and the new. Thing is going to be stopping in the right. Lane and then backing? Up in the lane not even in the burn I'm waiting for that day to come pretty soon. So People aren't snowflake to? These are tend to be a little? Bit older and right right right right well I think I think honestly if you're younger to you're probably using, your GPS anyway I would. Hope on your go hey thanks man appreciate you. Greg I, feel, eighty. Today was, older Not. To knock, on on older drivers I mean God knows what. The roads are going to, be like when, I'm that age at some point I'm, going to be. Confused as well but it's interesting there's a big state. Push now for drinking and driving we did click it or ticket, now in the drinking driving season and just in the last couple, of weeks and we had a we, had? A woman down in Kentucky right who was hammered twenty one year old woman was. Drunk and, hit a school bus I'm sorry you got. To go to jail for that Idiot but but the. Other thing too that never, gets any play, I think in the last week or, two weeks and. Now this was up in Dayton they had on one. Day they had to elderly drivers suffering from dementia that that we're, being looked for on the message boards on the road towards the, silver alerts the Mugu alerts that's the, one? Thing to me that seems preventable that if you know that someone has Alzheimer's or. Dementia you, should not have a driver's license I'm sorry You're only putting yourself in were allowing people put themselves and quite honestly the rest of the community endanger as well you know, we want to. Crack down on bad drivers and. All that here's a here's a group that literally should not be on, the road because they can't take care. Of themselves And we don't want to offend a group of? People by doing the right. Thing by during the moral thing. And, saying I'm sorry you can't drive anymore you've diagnosed with the, condition that puts yourself and others at harm, you know we hear about people doing stupid. Stuff and putting I if I if I finish first responders in harm's way. Right that just puts public safety people making fake nine one costs well you have. A group of people out, there that all right any time that police fire are looking for you certainly takes resources away from other things here's something that's easily preventable and. No one wants to do a damn thing. Maybe, I just thought of that because we're talking about antique cars at kings. Island, we've got a news update so we're going to switch it up a little bit here and I'm safe now at least for the next two hours and thirty minutes here I don't have to, get on the road again we'll get a. Forecast for, looking good relative on pretty much through today again it's gonna. Be another, soaker and surprisingly to haven't heard much about the flooding in the like which normally when you have The, wettest day on record in history you'd have. A lot more flooding than we did I don't know what happened there regardless. We'll get a news update in here too and then we were turned nine thirty. Five you know the Bengals, are playing football on Saturday it's the first away preseason game there at Dallas against the Cowboys will talk to James routine from ESPN fifteen third. Get caught up on the Bengals news if. You, weren't really following preseason what happened last week what they're looking to do. This, weekend and more just ahead with money on seven hundred w w traffic and weather News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati Shame and sorrow with a nine thirty report and Bryant combs breaking now Vatican is reacting today to the sex abuse scandal.

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