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I mean he's shown as his fights have gone a little bit longer. Fifth sixth rounds. He's been just as strong justice. Powerful just as tough but kavalyauskas the type of guy that i mean look. He took turns crawford into the eighth round of that fight on. Say nine ninety nine around of that fight. He's he's a tough guy. If you can go nine rows turns crawford you should be able to go nine rounds of virgil ortiz. He dropped crawford. Hurt crawford didn't call that a game plan that fight like no no. No no no see. This is the thing. Kvass fought a patient fight. he wasn't throwing the punches. You normally throws. He wasn't aggressive because he he he gave a different. Look to crawford crawford was was you know turned off or switched off by that but then of course he turned it on once. He got rock. That's what champions do kavalyauskas tricky fighter. I mean he's a strong experience. Fighter has timing the number one thing with fighters that are strong and and our experienced like like. I've lost this timing. He has the power he has strengthened experienced two-time olympian..

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