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Radio wait forty w a chance has whether for all kinds of the phoenix kicked in relief so when they're a big deal to allison to forty every morning sacked and three in my game forget you can yeah every in the morning frequent updates during the day he was radio wing forty w h yes this is clowney in terms with an intimate engine from laid up don't put your financial future at risk lets me one on one to dealt of retirement plan to pitcher need some situation homie i go to four two five two five twenty two or visit the mutual interest dot com hey did you know that investing sense does not get paid by any of the investment companies for being mentioned on the show and this allows us to act in the best interest of our clients in listeners just want you to know that before we say to invest things that brought to you by financial in june every week we bring you straightforward advise for your financial future without the jargon with them sides from our panel of industry experts will help you break down complex topics in a way to me for you and now here are your hosts bob richardson and then the smith so the federal reserve raise interest rates earlier this week what does it mean for us chris before it from our investing sense panel of experts is here with all of the information chris is the managing director of our financial engines research team and he holds the chartered financial analysts designation it really is the gold standard of credentials in the investment field and he's a part of an investment team that's made up of fourteen p h season other cf a charter holders that research over forty thousand different investments chris welcome back to invest extends i'd love to start by having you give us more detail.

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