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Testing site that opened up at the PNC arts center in Holmdel and then a third location in southern New Jersey live in Paramus John Adams WCBS newsradio eighty a new drive through testing site is also opening in Stamford at nine AM mayor David Martin says the site will be jointly operated by the city's department of health and a local practitioner Stanford is also planning additional testing capacity next week the number of confirmed covert nineteen cases in Stamford has increased to seven to New Canaan residents have died the Stanford mall and all restaurants bars gyms in movie theaters are closed until further notice and effective today all body care businesses are also close that includes beauty parlors and nail salons seven thirty three at W. C. B. S. M. T. asus twenty three transit workers have tested positive for the corona virus that includes nineteen New York City transit employees we get that story live from W. CBS reporter Marla diamond yeah this is happened with increased testing the MTA says all of those employees are being quarantined and treated and they're getting in touch with those who may have been in close contact MTA chairman Pat Foy says that the subways do remain open he is committed to that along with governor Cuomo expected even as there were in order to stay in place that the NCAA will be operating out to take first responders firefighters nurses doctors utility workers transit workers to and from their work is it and bus workers however are expressing fears about catching the virus in such close quarters the transport workers union local one hundred the president is calling on the MTA to provide testing for any worker that shows symptoms or comes in contact with sick workers and we're live in midtown Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty new Jersey transit is running weekend schedule starting today due in part to a shortage of employees but also due to an eighty eight percent drop in ridership three and J. T. employees have tested positive for the corona virus they will not return to work until they are medically cleared to do so the infection rate in California is doubling every four days in parts of the state and the governor there says fifty six percent of the population could contract the virus over the next eight weeks that has triggered some new rules as we hear from CBS news correspondent Skyler Henry California governor Gavin Newsom has ordered everyone in the state to stay home expanding the statewide makes sense in that respect and I think people are making sense of what this is and what this is in a similar edict had already been posted a nearly two dozen counties in the state all with the same goal contain the corona virus governor Newsom says home isolation is not his first choice but he says it's a.

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