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The thirty second pop culture challenge I'm sorry that you did not win today but you can try again tomorrow because we do it every day at twelve thirty on the calling them Bradley show all right let's go through those queer sessions and get the service we're still engaging Justin knows I'm poking fun Justin Timberlake song can't stop the feeling is from trolls sure all all all all all all alone who knows free signup note the pink ladies in the T. birds are featured in what movie Reese is the word grace Gummer Gummer as in chewing gum or is not Saddam Dahmer is the daughter of which archery sight Meryl Streep I don't know that I would have gotten that sciences Gummer is that her real no Frances Gumm was actually Judy Garland and I did this thing what two weeks ago where I confused Francis gum and grace Gummer all right I thought Francis Gummer was the daughter of Meryl Streep but actually Francis gum is Judy Garland three number is the daughter of Meryl Streep I'm sorry I'm sorry about that difficult time you experienced okay you can take it over the phone dissolves to miss apple R. Shaw ski thank you you're welcome I know you can move on and solve the mystery that we do that the former blind items tallies brought for us in this segment we call blinded by the have you heard Donna and Steve lately no are you drunk you want to be I'm cleaning with bleach that's what it is by the way we're huffing so speaking of the bleach cleaner that we've all been using personalized items but we got a bleach situation safe I feel like I'm at the natatorium but we still calling college said that the Torah pool okay they don't like old school college term for a pool building was a mandatory him while learn something new every day you're welcome anyway it sounds like a pool in here it doesn't feel like a pool that's the sad part okay god yes please.

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