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Right <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> other thing they have is <Speech_Male> the order <Speech_Male> that things are actually addressed <Speech_Male> in the room. Whether <Speech_Male> there's time for it or <Speech_Male> not right <Speech_Male> so if something going <Speech_Male> into it is <Speech_Male> is lower on the priority <Speech_Male> list. You may never <Speech_Male> actually get too controversial <Speech_Male> policy five to <Speech_Male> five right <Speech_Male> and it got <Speech_Male> to five to five because <Speech_Male> the leaders office decided <Speech_Male> to pull some strings and make <Speech_Male> that the case or <Speech_Male> they held <Speech_Male> that vote at the same time <Speech_Male> that there's an equally <Speech_Male> crazy social <Speech_Male> vote in three <Speech_Male> other play. This is what you <Speech_Male> do at least physical <Speech_Male> location and <Speech_Male> everybody's going to have to <Speech_Male> split their way <Speech_Male> to do that. So you're <Speech_Male> less likely to have <Speech_Male> one of those votes <Speech_Male> rushed and more likely <Speech_Male> to have the general flavor <Speech_Male> of a more moderate <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> convention. <Speech_Male> Carry it <Speech_Male> carter. I'm gonna <Speech_Male> stick with you for the next one. You <Speech_Male> know on the <Speech_Male> heels of the <Speech_Male> trudeau biden. Meeting <Speech_Male> trudeau was on. Meet <Speech_Male> the press this morning <Speech_Male> on sunday morning. <Speech_Male> Us news talk <Speech_Male> show so the strategy. <Speech_Male> I guess the question i have <Speech_Male> is on the strategy <Speech_Male> of <Speech_Male> putting <Speech_Male> your leaders or in this case <Speech_Male> our canadian <Speech_Male> political leader on an american <Speech_Male> television. <Speech_Male> What do you make of that. <Speech_Male> Overrated <Speech_Male> underrated <SpeakerChange> in your <Speech_Male> mind underrated. <Speech_Male> I think you always <Speech_Male> do better with someone <Speech_Male> else's brass than you <Speech_Male> do with your own <Speech_Male> You know the you're <Speech_Male> far more likely to <Speech_Male> get fawning <Speech_Male> attention from <Speech_Male> someone <Speech_Male> else especially <Speech_Male> when the media is <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> you know kind of take <Speech_Male> the has been taken <Speech_Male> with justin trudeau <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> In the united states and <Speech_Male> western europe for quite <Speech_Male> some time so <Speech_Male> you may as well <Speech_Male> take advantage of that <Speech_Male> it gets you better <Speech_Male> coverage and <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> it also allows you <Speech_Male> to to give <Speech_Male> cover <Speech_Male> towards the other <Speech_Male> leader for agreeing <Speech_Male> with you right <Speech_Male> you want <Speech_Male> biden to on your side. <Speech_Male> Make it easy for <Speech_Male> them you know. <Speech_Male> Get out there and do some <Speech_Male> media and and <Speech_Male> make <Speech_Male> it so that you know he. <Speech_Male> You're building the <Silence> parade he <SpeakerChange> can. He can <Speech_Male> follow <Speech_Male> could answer. Carter <Speech_Male> corey same questions. <Speech_Male> You overrated underrated <Speech_Male> the strategy <Speech_Male> of sending your leader <Speech_Male> to foreign media <Speech_Male> in <Speech_Male> this case Meet <Speech_Male> the press with <SpeakerChange> sleepy is <Silence> chuck todd. On sunday morning. <Silence> <Speech_Male> I agree <Speech_Male> with everything carter said. <Speech_Male> But i'm still going to see <Speech_Male> overrated ultimately. <Speech_Male> I just don't <Speech_Male> know how much <Speech_Male> people are paying that much <Speech_Male> attention that that's one <Speech_Male> of those things that will matter. <Speech_Male> More to <Speech_Male> the sender's than <Speech_Male> the recipients <Speech_Male> right like. That's <Speech_Male> america's <Speech_Male> a big country with <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> with an awful <Speech_Male> lot going on <Speech_Male> final question. <Speech_Male> Corey wants <Speech_Male> the writ is <Speech_Male> dropped <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> will <Silence> justin trudeau <Speech_Male> have <Speech_Male> active <SpeakerChange> tiktok <Speech_Male> account the <Speech_Male> big question though <Speech_Male> eighty two <Speech_Male> to answer <Speech_Male> but give your prediction. <Speech_Male> We'll just trudeau <Speech_Male> beyond <Speech_Male> tiktok by the <Speech_Male> by when the <Speech_Male> is dropped for our next <Speech_Male> election whether <Speech_Male> that be this <SpeakerChange> year next year <Speech_Male> whenever yes <Speech_Male> in his first tiktok <Silence> will be shaving <SpeakerChange> his <Speech_Male> beard <Speech_Male> oh interesting. <Speech_Male> I don't think <Speech_Male> it's going to be the case. <Speech_Male> I like that a lot. I <Speech_Male> feel like you're just setting <Speech_Male> channeling some content <Speech_Male> ideas to the pm. <Speech_Male> Oh directly stephen <Speech_Male> carter the <Speech_Male> master of predictions <Speech_Male> when <Speech_Male> the writ is dropped <Speech_Male> will <Speech_Male> one justin <Speech_Male> trudeau have <Speech_Male> an active <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> tiktok <Speech_Male> account. <Speech_Male> No <Speech_Male> absolutely not. <Silence> It would be <SpeakerChange> devastating. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> We're gonna <Speech_Male> leave it there. That's rafeh <Speech_Male> episode <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> of the strategists. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> My name is zane. Veltri <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> with the <Speech_Music_Male> as always hogan <Speech_Music_Male> stephen carter. <Speech_Music_Male> And we'll see you next time.

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