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Then went away and made it how soon after phones will do you make your personal well masters i mean it was kind of like uh i don't know if it works its way here but the but masters burt we colombia's kind of like people dribble out it's kind of like it's kind of like they're half in and a half out of the school time so i went there two years kind of fulltime and then then finish the script and then went about trying to get the movie made but didn't really i think they graduated me based on heavy so the the kind of it was um i kind of just was hellbent to get the movie made more that i was worried so how many years after school did heavy get made what came out in ninety seven i think i was i think it was that technically at columbia four years but i think i kind of paid for two okay guy hung around that makes sense a good way to go yeah um you know getting to tonight's film in and we've i've interviewed you in the past i i love the western work that you did on retender yuma they're the remake and obviously walk the line was awesome as well thank and you could see tropes of those things in tonight's movie which talk about but i guess the easiest place to stay would be twenty thirteen's the wolverine which you directed what were the lessons that you learned about getting into the comic books genre and specifically working with wolf rain 'cause you you had a dry run for this well uh wolverine was a project that i kinda came into they were they were already exploring it um uh darren aronovski had been exploring making a movie out of the japanese saga them you baled on it um and there were other people they were talking to and then it kind of was on and off and i came on and i was very i'm kind of crazy for japanese films um so um there was this and i've known you forever since two thousand one and there was a kind of vary in eight attraction to trying to what was attractive to me by that movie was taking a kind of euro film and moving it in to um this kind of foreign landscape and even foreign language and um but it was a it was.

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