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Does anybody doing that one today yes yes so he got old overnight last night he went the mbb candidate to finger slipping off the edge of the cliff in one night well why do you want to do the topic let's start with brady okay no problem but the theme ryan that you'll hinting at is the same as the patriots in general or tom brady in particular its how can we overreact to a sample size of one game how can we reevaluate everything that we know even after we've been warned how can we make the same mistake again the warning when it comes to the pats is we were granted a four game sample size the beginning of the season that the pats defense is horrendous the worst it was the worst in the nfl about a month in the season and it was true bill but it was carried over to is a fatal flaw in can't be fixed it was i think it was okay at the time you look at the personnel and you go it's that front really good enough can they be an average defense because even last year when they were number one in points it was weird it felt weird it felt like they want a dominant defense and yet i looked at a going into last night they were fourth and scoring defense now 'nother fifth and scoring defense and yes the personnel along that front is not impressive new flowers is out you're like okay who were the dusit i'm even afraid of uh and and cutler look good against him last night but wouldn't it be stupid when we just did this a couple of months ago i give you are off the pats whose you go you know that defense it can't be fixed they fixed it they just they're giving you evidence of the thing you're thinking about doing by getting off new england this season we're not even talking about past seasons this season they already wet from this awful awful defense to writing the ship for two months to a bad performance last night and yardage wise they're still terrible but there are again their fifth than scoring defense so 2019 yardage gather there one of yet again for worse teams right but fifth in points allowed that's a pretty wide gap and the site on is the.

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