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Plumper. Yeah and like did. kindergarten. Say Pre snap motion you know from the coaches perspective that Defensively they pretty much. So you their hand, you know. Somebody they gotta still you a are we man are they as on whatever you know what I'm saying? And that's that's the point if you do that, it helps you out offense because it's Li-. Okay. Now, we can either run what's called or now we can check it right. You go back to the graphic that was posted today on twitter you go back to it I think. Nine of the top ten teams in a League that have high pre snap motion rates. They're all like four wins better yet. down. Because it's like it's it's something that like for exactly the reasons Keenan said but even if you don't do anything particularly creatively with the player you moved, it tells your quarterback coverage. He's going to face or at least clues him in to to what might be going on in the secondary like there's just not really a good reason not to do it like. Sh- Like, there's just not a good reason not to do it. I don't understand why you don't the the rams do it literally every single run play they guess motion Robert, Woods they set them in motion because it gives you the threat of giving him the end around and they give woods like three or four hundred dollars a game. And he'll like motion in even if they handed off to the running back, the defence still has to be kept honest in trying to check Robert Woods, just in case he gets out and around. So he doesn't bust that big play and that just gives more of an advantage to their running back or as a falcons just go the half power up the middle every single time as if like me and mad and when I was like twelve years old. Walsum Brevard a lot too because Baltimore has that unique office together where they know they may have two running backs in the backfield a lot way. You may sneak you know Hollywood Brown going motion a lot and s very distracting within already the focus on the mar in Ingram and you see this guy going I don I don't It gives everybody on the defense is like. You know what? I mean votes the you know we lock it on our key. Now they see somebody moving slide. Somebody's GONNA screw up pretty much right. World stories or yeah and you know we would see it like was Shannon and she didn't and was a total expert because he would do stuff like. All right. He's GonNa Motion Julio into the slot and then motion out you know. Patrick Demarco Patrick Demarco by the way motion out demarco out wide, and then the corner has you know if it's mainly the core has to then go run out to cover DeMarco on the outside and the linebacker comes in to cover Julio Jones. We saw like just. Easy money we will Shannon in his super bowl performance is one thing but the guy is an office gene. Yes. Easy money like. You're with Garoppolo. Liked led a Garoppolo lead team to the Super Bowl last. You in depot. That's it. Honestly and all that different running backs who keep getting her. They keep getting like they have drew Michael Hasty of. Fantasy God this week I'm sure just because every started running back for the forty niners seems to get a hundred yards touch. Yeah. It's just like and who they just beat. Patriot. Dumped on like thirty or some I. think that was the worst home loss of jokes like career dealing. Ring beat the rams a week before that, Yep. Yeah. So I mean. Like. None of these are this is what I'm getting like. None of us are difficult fixes. None of these are things that require a major schematic change. They're just like obvious things that good offensive coordinator do, and the fact that Dirk Cutter is not doing them I think tells us a lot. To say you. Know it's going to be so sad when he becomes the head coach going to Nuxie. Yes. Hey, the Falcons I in passing our that's tradition we want to continue here in Atlanta. So you know just ignore the fact that their eighteenth and yards per attempt just ignore that fact you know I think it was old was troubling about her all honestly is the fact that you see you see Matt Ryan Lease League in passing yards. Sequel Rhythms. CR's we still don't. From our viewpoint even have a competent play call magic. If they did girlies like towards the there's been by weeks. He's like second in rushing or something. Yeah. Yeah. He's tied for first in rushing touchdowns with Henry Cook Imagine. If they had an office coordinator that is able to consistently call it kind of Wisconsin is offense. This'll be the NFL's never will. You can't even like blame the off offensive line anymore because before it's like, okay maybe like the align is just leaking too much. There's too much pressure on we talked to though line is more than solid this season their top ten or like a top ten unit in the NFL this year and the it goes fully on coaching and you know I'm looking forward to. Looking forward to seeing what a young innovative offense of mine can do with this team. Next season because you know Ryan sold going to be in his prime will yo still going to be in his prime now hopefully. Everyone can stay as healthy. What was that? What was that nothing? Okay get. Careful out there. But yeah like like it's going to be real like I offense is going to be very exciting going into next season and yes, we get our hopes up every single year I. Think this is a lost season for sure. And you know hopefully hopefully, they can turn things around and you know at least at least get back to the playoffs before the Matt Ryan Eras over in Atlanta I. Hope So. And you know. We're we're one one in six. Now probably wouldn't seven considering how poorly the falcons played the painters last time. And like I mean, maybe at the end of the season will be celebrating todd. Gurley as a hero for losing that lines game because he will have guaranteed us like top repick or something. So you know he did the deed debt you know no one could do last year and seventeen. So. Don't worry. There's not going to be a three game win streak down the season. Yeah I don't worry too much about that Sharon. Regains well, maybe unless they're benching other stars or something but yeah. It's bucks, chiefs and Bucks again. Ray. Lewin Hill. It's GonNa be tough talk walser cliched but in. Their teeth kicked him. Yeah and you know. It. It is what it is. The team is bad. So. We'll do what we can. We'll try. We'll talk through look forward to next year. Look forward to a lot of stuff and we'll take your questions about this falcons roster as well. So if you guys. Already Yeah Oh. Yeah. Drafting what here's a question for you guys I know you already covered this but going back to a Alex Mack how many years have left on his contract is his last year travel saying. Okay, yeah. Okay. Well, I guess going back to that I'm sorry but. I would like to see you know Matt Hennessy get out. They get a few reps at center because that's what they drafted for. But you know I like to see what he can do an actual live game. You get that practice it that's that's one speed though amount there in the game let's see what we got here. You know what I'm saying as opposed to wait until next year nothing the Mowlam they need to get out there and you know let's see if they got skills..

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