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Ball art will what is because if this with other different for the different players mounted as a game that differs what i'm saying when you got somebody and you reported to the fbi the up the fbi ondemand this is yes they are there owns only end in over how many people make terrorist threats all the time but they should all be foul room house was january via talk is something unrealistic here i'm not that they was never sent to the local the local field office front how should have been for fog worry with you should have been a followup o'brien i'm still say even if they would have follow up the local police would follow what would happen to their kids we don't know but probably this wouldn't have happened bride he would not be in jail the you probably been thrown in a mental health is institute okay so half of the people there people go reportedly fbi right now let's see how many people don't get locked up if they had gone you do it they had done their due diligence and looked in on this guy looked at his social media post because they were saying this was coming from social media so the the um the law enforcement could have looked in solve that he was posting videos of guns posting videos of him being in can with guns and that he was posting pictures of animals that he had killed in dissect it okay bre all social media right now i guess muslim majority of the folks that be at that post in pitcher regards and money should be locked up the no it's it's a combination of these events that should have had that that you look at you look at ford these these flags and this monster had all the flags and people were reporting even even the local students were saying and joking that this kid was going to be the next one to shoot okay okay brad lesbian eight six six five five one none of these guys unaccounted above i abhran but i'm disagree over here here's the thing because how.

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